Best Books for preparing SSC JE Electrical, Mechanical, civil Engineering

WhatsApp Facebook Telegram Twitter LinkedIn PinterestHi friends, I have made a video on how to crack Junior Engineer-SSC some months earlier. In that video, I explained about some important and useful books, which can help in our preparation a lot. Here, I want to share with you the names of those books. You can buy … Read more

Best books for Kerala PSC degree level exams

WhatsApp Facebook Telegram Twitter LinkedIn PinterestBest books for Kerala PSC degree level exams 1. Letter zone champion book Volume II-  for degree level exams   This book comes in two volumes, and covers all topics in the syllabus. The presentation is very good and clear. The arrangement of information is very much appreciable. I recommend … Read more

Best Books for Studying General Knowledge|Best GK Books

Best GK Books in 2023

Best GK Books 2023 : Here are some useful books for GK preparation.

  1. General Knowledge Encyclopaedia for Competitive Exams , Master 130 Topics through pictorial & infographic approach
  2. General Knowledge 2024
  3. Lucent’s General Knowledge – English Medium 
  4. NCERT Based General Studies One Liner 25000+
  5. Pocket General Knowledge for Competitive Exams | Powered with Pictures, Charts, Tables, Maps

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