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Best book for English grammar

Best book for English grammar for Competitive Exams

Hi Friends,

In this post I would like to introduce a book for English grammar, which is very effective for the competitive exam preparation  like Kerala PSC, SSC, UPSC  etc.

it is “ Objective English” – by, S.P Bakshi. It is first published in 2014, and has become popular in very short time.

objective english bakshi
objective english bakshi

From the description:

This book is divided into four main sections. 
Section A is a Foundation Module that apprises one about the essential syntax 
of the language, section B is for improving the verbal ability and the 
last two sections deal with Practical Grammar and its applications under
 different conditions. The latest edition of the book has a new section
 on practical grammar, which covers topics like spelling, contraction rules and

The book has got 755 pages. It is published by Arihanth publication, well known publisher. it covers all topics needed for all types of Competitive exams.

The presentation of each topic is very easy, and not complicated to understand. Any one can prepare himself using this book.

To buy it from Amazon, you can click on the link HERE


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All the best for your preparation

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