Vyommitra: Vyommitra is a female-looking half humanoid robot being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to function on-board the Gaganyaan, a crewed orbital spacecraft.


Vyommitra was first unveiled on 22 January 2020 at the Human Spaceflight and Exploration symposium in Bengaluru.

“I am Vyommitra,” the half-humanoid “I can do switch panel operations, ECLSS [environment control and life support systems] functions, be a companion, converse with the astronauts, recognize them and also respond to their queries.”

vyommitra female humanoid robot

It will accompany Indian astronauts in space missions and will also be a part of uncrewed experimental Gaganyaan missions prior to the crewed spaceflight missions.

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female robot vyommitra

Vyommitra, India’s humanoid astronaut, represents a significant step forward in the fusion of artificial intelligence and space exploration.

ISRO aims to fly humanoid robots for a better understanding of what weightlessness and radiation do to the human body during long durations in space.

Vyommitra is expected to be onboard uncrewed Gaganyaan missions to perform microgravity experiments, monitor module parameters, and support astronauts in crewed missions by simulating functions exact like human.

vyommitra female humanoid robot

Vyommitra is programmed to speak Hindi and English and perform multiple tasks.

Vyommitra can mimic human activity, recognize various humans, and respond to their queries.

Technically, it can perform environment control and life support systems functions, handle switch panel operations, and give environmental air pressure change warnings.

Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh declared the uncrewed Vyommitra Mission is scheduled for the third quarter of this year, indicating the expected launch timeline while the manned mission Gaganyaan is scheduled to be launched in 2025.

The robot astronaut can monitor module parameters, issue alerts, and execute life-support operations, the Union Minister said, adding it can also perform tasks such as operating six panels and responding to queries.

It has been designed in such a manner to simulate human functions in the space environment and interact with the life support system

Vyommitra will test the ground for human spaceflight and it’s a very basic version of a TARS-type, artificial-intelligence-and-robotics system.

Once fully developed, she is expected to use types of equipment onboard, such as safety mechanisms and switches, receive and act on commands sent from ground stations, attain launch and orbital postures, respond to the environment, generate warnings, replace carbon dioxide canisters, monitoring of the crew module, receiving voice commands, responding via speech (bilingual), operating switches, etc.

Vyommitra also has lip movement synchronized to mimic speech. It is programmed to speak Hindi and English and perform multiple tasks.

Apart from performing technical tasks, Vyommitra’s job also includes providing mental support to the astronauts.

She can act as an artificial friend to the astronaut and provide tips on various aspects like the health of the spacecraft during the launch, landing, and orbital

Ultimately, the humanoid would also return to Earth to report on the changes that shall occur in the crew module during return.

the spaceflight and Vyommitra created the sensation when she introduced herself to ISRO Chairman (former) K. Sivan and Principal Scientific Adviser K. VijayRaghavan at the symposium on human space flight.

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