Vyommitra- Humanoid Robot

Vyommitra: Vyommitra is a female-looking half humanoid robot being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to function on-board the Gaganyaan, a crewed orbital spacecraft. Vyommitra  Vyommitra was first unveiled on 22 January 2020 at the Human Spaceflight and Exploration symposium in Bengaluru. “I am Vyommitra,” the half-humanoid “I can do switch panel operations, ECLSS … Read more

Soils of Kerala

Soils of Kerala

Soils of Kerala are Red Soil, Laterite Soil, Coastal Alluvium, Forest Soils, and Black Soil. Soils are formed by the weathering of rocks. The process of soil formation is called Pedogenesis. Various factors such as climate, amount of rainfall, topography, type of rock, nature of weathering, erosion etc determine the kind of soil formed. Soils … Read more

Climate of Kerala

Climate of KERALA

Climate of Kerala: As per Koppens classification, climate of Kerala is tropical monsoon. Geographially Kerala lies proximate to the equator. But in contrast to the equa- torial climate Kerala experience a pleas- ant climate. But existence of the Western Ghats, influence of the Arabian sea and the pas- sage of the rain bearing monsoon wind … Read more

[Syllabus PDF] Nurse grade II Ayurveda Syllabus

SYLLABUS FOR THE POST OF NURSE GRADE II (AYURVEDA) IN INDIAN SYSTEMS OF MEDICINE(Cat.Nos: 61/2023, 116/2023, 117/2023, 118/2023, 224/2023,321/2023) .Exam on: 15/02/2024 Thursday, 07.15 am to 09.15 am Main Subjects & Mark 1 Basic Principles 25 Marks2 Swasthavrita3 Roganidana 25 Marks4 Dravyaguna & Bhaishajya-Kalpana5 Kayachikitsa & Panchakarma 25 Marks6 Prasoothithantra & Kaumarabhritya7 Shalya Thantra 25 … Read more

[Syllabus PDF] Workshop Instructor Printing Technology Syllabus|182/2023 syllabus

DETAILED SYLLABUS FOR THE POST OF WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR/DEMONSTRATOR IN PRINTING TECHNOLOGY IN TECHNICAL EDUCATION – DIRECT RECRUITMENT (Cat.No: 182/2023) Workshop Instructor Printing Technology Syllabus Module I – Developments in Printing (Score :10) Classification of Printing – Conventional – Non impact printing- Print production Module II – Printing Industry (Score :5) Division of printing industry – … Read more

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