History of Kerala Class 2- Prehistoric Period-KAS Kerala Administrative Service Exam

History of Kerala Prehistoric Period of Kerala Archaeological studies have identified many Mesolithic, Neolithic and Megalithic sites in Kerala. These findings have been classified into Laterite rock-cut caves (Chenkallara), Hood stones (Kudakkallu), Hat stones (Toppikallu), Dolmenoid cists (Kalvrtham), Urn burials (Nannangadi) and Menhirs (Pulachikallu). The studies point to the indigenous development of the ancient Kerala … Read more

Districts of Kerala -Ernakulam

Districts of Kerala -Ernakulam Formed on : April 1,1958 Literacy rate : 95.89% Sex ratio : 1027/1000 Assembly Constituencies  : 14 Lok Sabha Constituencies : 1 Taluk : 7 Corporations : 1 Municipalities : 13 Grama Panchayat  : 82 Population density : 1069/sq.km   In ancient times, Ernakulam was known as ‘Rishi Nagakulam’ Ans : … Read more

Districts of Kerala – Alappuzha

Districts of Kerala – Alappuzha Land of water sports Formed on : August 17,1957 Literacy rate : 96.26% Sex ratio : 1100/1000 Assembly  Constituencies : 9 Lok Sabha Constituencies  : 2 Taluk  : 6 Corporations : NIL Municipalities : 6 Grama Panchayat : 72 Population density : 1501/sq.km Architect of Alappuzha Ans : Raja Kesavadas … Read more

University Assistant previous year question paper Facts about Kerala with notes

University Assistant previous year question paper Facts about Kerala with notes/Previous questions for University Assistant Kerala PSC/ Facts about Kerala Expected questions for University Assistant Facts about Kerala through previous year questions The famous work “ Mokshapradeepam” was written by; a)Dr. Palpu b)Kumaranasan c)V T Bhattathirippad d)BrahmanadaSivayogi…. Where was the newspaper Swadeshabhimanistarted by VakkomAbdul KhaderMoulavi? … Read more

Expected questions on FACTS ABOUT KERALA set 3

[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Expected questions on FACTS ABOUT KERALA set 3 Set 3 : Expected Questions on Kerala   Question :1 •Neendakara Azhi connects —— & Arabian sea: Ashtamudi lake •village in Karunagappally taluk • Kollam district •fishing port • ’Neendakara’ means :a long bank Question :2 •In which river is Vazhani Dam? •Wadakkancherry river Thrissur … Read more

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