Districts of Kerala -Ernakulam

Districts of Kerala -Ernakulam

Formed on : April 1,1958
Literacy rate : 95.89%
Sex ratio : 1027/1000
Assembly Constituencies  : 14
Lok Sabha Constituencies : 1
Taluk : 7
Corporations : 1
Municipalities : 13
Grama Panchayat  : 82
Population density : 1069/sq.km


In ancient times, Ernakulam was known as ‘Rishi Nagakulam’
Ans : ‘Rishi Nagakulam’

Kochi was formerly known as
Ans : Gosree or Perumbadappu Swaroopam

Edapally was known as
Ans : ‘Rappollin’

First foreigner who mentioned about Kochi Port
Ans : Mahuan

The oldest coin existed in Kochi
Ans : Kaliameni
The fort Pallippuram was called as ‘Manual Fort’ by the  Portuguese
Ans : Portuguese
Dutch Palace in Kochi was built by Portuguese
Ans : Portuguese
Bolgatty Palace was built by The Dutch
Ans : The Dutch
The oldest synagogue in India at present is Mattanchery
Ans : Mattancherry
It is otherwise known as ‘Paradesi Synagogue’ built in
Ans : 1568.
The oldest synagogue of the Commonwealth Nations
Ans : Mattancherry
The historically famous Jewish street in Kerala
Ans : Mattancherry
The place known as Perumbadappu
Ans : Bolgatty island
The church where the Udayamperoor Sunnahadose was held in
Ans : Ernakulam (Martha Mariam Church)
The capital of Kochi dynasty
Ans : Thripunithura
The traditional ministers of Kochi dynasty
Ans : Paliyathachan
Earlier capital of the princely state of Kochi
Ans : Chitrakudam
The Paliyam Satyagraha was held in
Ans : Kochi (1947)
The Diwan who abolished slavery in Kochi
Ans : Sankarawarrier
Father of modern Kochi
Ans : Sakthan Thampuran
The person who is known as ‘Marthanda Varma of Kochi’
Ans : Sakthan Thampuran
The only woman ruler of Kochi
Ans : Rani Gangadhara Lekshmi
First Diwan of Kochi
Ans : Colonel Munroe
The district having the most number of municipalities in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
The district with highest per capita income in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
The seat of Kerala High Court is at
Ans : Ernakulam
District having the status of highest number of Jewish and Christian populations in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
The district having the most number of vehicles registered in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
Largest producer of pineapple in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
The district where the Edamalayar project is situated
Ans : Ernakulam
The district with highest number of Urban population, Tourists and wealthy people
Ans : Ernakulam
Bhoothathan dam is situated Ernakulam District having the most number of small scale industries unit
Ans : Ernakulam
District having the most number of  telephone exchanges
Ans : Ernakulam
Gosree bridge is situated (Gosree connects Vallarpadam to Ernakulam and Vypin Island) in
Ans : Ernakulam
The district through which most number
of National Highways are passing
Ans : Ernakulam
The only district in Kerala through which the NH 47A is passing
Ans : Ernakulam
District having first place in the case of j industrialisation
Ans : Ernakulam
First baby friendly district in Kerala
First Woman friendly district in Kerala
First fully literate district in India (1990)
India’s first model fishing village is
Ans : Kumbalangi
First eco-friendly tourist village in India
Ans : Kumbalangi
India’s first Rubber park is at
Ans : Airapuram
India’s first Tourist Police Station
Ans : Mattancherry
First incubator start up village in India
Ans : Kalamassery
First telecom start up (public and private sector)
Ans : Kalamassery
Bachath (Saving) district in Kerala
Ans : Ernakulam
First Digital Panchayath in Kerala
Ans : Pampakkuda
First LNG Terminal in Kerala was set up at
Ans : Puthuvypin
First Special Economic Zone in Kerala is located at
Ans : Kakkanad
First diesel power plant in Kerala is
Ans : Brahmapuram Diesel Power Plant
First airport in India developed under public-private partnership
Ans : Nedumbassery Airport
First complete solar power enabled Airport in the world
Ans : Nedumbassery Airport
First Bird Sanctuary of Kerala
Ans : Thattekkad
First private IT park in Kerala
Ans : Muthoot Technopolis
First successful liver transplantation was conducted at
Ans : Amritha Institute of Medical Science
Kerala History Museum and Changampuzha Smarakam are at
Ans : Edappally
The place famous for large scale cultivation of pineapple in Kerala is
Ans : Vazhakkulam
Pineapple Village
Ans : Vazhakkulam
Electronic Voting Machines were first used in India in a by – election at
Ans : North Paravur Assembly Constituency of Kerala
The popular Athachamayam festival is celebrated at
Ans : Thripunithura
Aluva Adwaita Ashramam was founded by
Ans : Sree Narayana Guru
The birth place of Sankaracharya was at
Ans : Kalady
The place known as the ‘Gateway of High Range’
Ans : Kotha manga lam
Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium is located at
Ans : Kaloor
Marthanda Varma bridge is situated at
Ans : Aluva
Periyar river splits into Marthandam puzha and Mangalam puzha at
Ans : Aluva
The longest railway bridge in India is
Ans : Vembanadu Bridge (Edappally -Vallarpadam)
The first heritage museum in Kerala
Ans : Thripunithura Hill Palace
It is the largest archaeological museum in I Kerala
First European church in India
Ans : St. Francis Church
The body of Vasco Da Gama was originally buried at
Ans : St. Francis Church in 1524


Kochi is known as
Ans: Queen of Arabian Sea
R.K. Shanmukham Chetty named Kochi as
Ans: Queen of Arabian Sea
Cochin Stock Exchange was incorporated in
Ans: 1978
Kochi is the first Indian city to host
Ans: Biennale
Vikram Sarabhai Science School was launched at
Ans : Kochi
First metro line project in Kerala is
Ans: Kochi Metro Project
Headquarters of Southern Naval Command is
Ans : Kochi
First ship built in Cochin Shipyard is
Ans : Rani Padmini (1981)
First milk ATM in Kerala is in
Ans : Kochi
First floating ATM in India was established in Kochi by
Ans : SBI
India’s first Marine was established at
Ans: Kochi
First successful heart transplantation in Kerala was held at
Ans : Medical Trust hospital(May 13, 2003
First fast track court in India to deal with violence against women and children established at
Ans : Kochi
First IPL team of Kerala
Ans : Kochin Tuskers Kerala
First Multiplex theatre of Kerala started at
Ans : Kochi
India’s only hospital for fish was started at
Ans : Kochi
First polymer note was introduced in Kerala at
Ans : Kochi
Green lungs of Kochi
Ans : Mangalavanam
First FM station in Kerala is at
Ans : Kochi
First liquor free village in Kerala
Ans : Ooramana
First 100 per cent literate village in India
Ans : Pothanicadu
First professional foot ball team of Kerala
Ans : FC Cochin
First speed post in Kerala was launched in
Ans : Ernakulam
First English school in Kerala
Ans : Mattancherry (1818)
First European model palace in Kerala
Ans : Mattancherry
First pilgrimage centre in Kerala which got International status
Ans : Malayatoor (Malayatoor St.Thomas Church)
First district in Kerala where the District Co-operative Bank started its ATM
Ans : Ernakulam
Headquarters of Ernakulam is
Ans : Kakkanad
Highest average rainfall in Kerala is received at
Ans : Neriamangalam
The only elephant training centre in Kerala is at
Ans : Kodanadu


Robert Bristow is considered as the Architect of Cochin port
The Japanese company which assisted establishment of Cochin port
Ans : Mitsubishi
Cochin port was commissioned in
Ans : 1928
Cochin port was declared as a major port in
Ans : 1936
Cochin Port Trust was established in
Ans : 1964
First E-Port in India
First International Transhipment Container Terminal in India
Ans : Kochi (Vallarpadam Container Terminal)
The architect of Cochin Port
Ans : Robert Bristow
Robert Bristow is otherwise known as Robinson Crusoe of Wellington
He authored the book ‘Cochin Saga’
INS Garuda, INS Venduruthi, INS Dronacharya are located In
Ans : Kochi


Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Limited
Ans : Angamali
Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited (KAMCO)
Ans : Athani
Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited
Ans : Udyogamandal
Info Park
Ans : Kakkanad
Kerala Media Academy
Ans : Kakkanad


Periyar  ,   Muvattupuzha
Thodupuzha Kaliyar

Kerala High Court
Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
Spices Board (Sugandha Bhavan) Palariyattom
Kerala Konkani Sahithya Academy
‘Coconut Development Board
Headquarters of C.B.I in Kerala  Kerala Consumer Fed
Headquarters of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit – Kalady
Kerala State Warehousing Corporation
Air India Express
Federal Bank – Aluva
Juvenile Home – Kakkanadu
KUFOS (Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Science)
Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Research Station
Ans : Odakkali
Ans : Udyogamandal (Aluva)
Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT)
Ans : Kalamassery


Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Father of Philosophy
Ans : Sankaracharya
The Author of the Book ‘Samadhi Sapthaham’
Ans : Pandit.K.P. Karuppan
Father of Modern Elocution (speech)
Ans : Sahodaran Ayyappan
First Njanapeeda winner
Ans : G.Sankarakuruppu (Nayathode)
The Orpheus of Malayalam
Ans : Changampuzha
First Anglo Indian nominee of Kerala Legislative Assembly
Ans : William Hamilton D’cruz
The longest serving Anglo Indian nominee in the Kerala Legislative Assembly
Ans : Stephen Padua
First Malayalee Anglo Indian who was nominated to Indian Parliament
Ans : Charles Dias
Anglo Indian nominee to the 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly (2016-2021)
Ans : John Fernandez
First Malayalee to win the National Award for Best Actor
Ans : P.J. Antony
First Minister who was ousted due to Nonconfidence motion
Ans : Dr.A.R.Menon

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