Districts of Kerala – Alappuzha

Districts of Kerala – Alappuzha

Land of water sports
Formed on : August 17,1957
Literacy rate : 96.26%
Sex ratio : 1100/1000
Assembly  Constituencies : 9
Lok Sabha Constituencies  : 2
Taluk  : 6
Corporations : NIL
Municipalities : 6
Grama Panchayat : 72
Population density : 1501/sq.km
Architect of Alappuzha
Ans : Raja Kesavadas
Architect of Alappuzha harbor
Ans : Raja Kesavadas
The district having highest number of Buddhism believers during ancient period Srimoolavasam, the Buddhist centre was existed in
Ans : Alappuzha
Alappuzha is nicknamed as ‘Venice of the East’ by
Ans : Lord Curzon
‘Vanchipatt’ related” to boat race was originated in
Ans : Alappuzha
Alappuzha had trade relations with ancient Greece and Rome in the middle ages
The early Cheras who had their home at Kuttanad were called as
Ans : Kuttuvans
Velakali, the martial dance was originated at
Ans : Ambalapuzha
The smallest district in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
The district having the most number of Cottage Industries in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
District with lowest proportion of Scheduled Tribes in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
Nadubhagam Chundan, the longest boat in the world was built at Alappuzha
Kudumbasree project was started in the district of
Ans : Alappuzha
District having second largest coastal line in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
Second largest producer of paddy in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
District having the most number of coir factories
Ans : Alappuzha
District with most number of Coir workers
Ans : Alappuzha
District comes in second place in the case of density of population
Ans : Alappuzha
Land of Water Festivals (Jalolsavam)
Ans : Alappuzha
The headquarters of Inland Water Transport
The only district in Kerala where Virology Institute is situated
Ans : Alappuzha
The district having no hills and mountains in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
The district having the most number of Kaavukal in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha
The district where the Thakazhi Museum is situated
Ans : Alappuzha
Perumbalam island is located in
Ans : Alappuzha
Pandavan paara is one of the popular tourist places located in (Chengannur)
Ans : Alappuzha
Thumboli, Purakkad etc. are the famous beaches in
Ans : Alappuzha
First coir factory in Kerala
Ans : Daras Mail
First Post office in Kerala
Ans : Alappuzha(1857)
First light house built on the western coast of India
Ans : Alappuzha (1862)
First Registered Library in Kerala
Ans : PK Memorial Library, Ambalapuzha
First Solar Boat in India was introduced at
Ans : Alappuzha
First Naphta based Thermal Power Plant in Kerala
Ans : Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Plant, Kayamkulam
India’s first Sidhagramam
Ans : Chandiroor
First Film Studio in Kerala
Ans : Udaya Studio (1940)
First Cartoon Museum in India
Ans : Kayamkulam
First Sea food park in Kerala
Ans : Aroor
First Panchayat to receive Swaraj Trophy
Ans : Kanjikuzhy
First Organic Farming Panchayat in Kerala
Ans : Kanjikuzhy
The Panchayat which started the first Agricultural Dispensary
Ans : Kanjikuzhy
First legal literate Panchayat in Kerala
Ans : Cheriyanad
First litigation free village in Kerala
Ans : Varavoor
First village in Kerala to attain 100 percent literacy
Ans : Nedumudi
First Reserve Forest in Alappuzha
Ans : Veeyapuram (2013)
First Private Medical College in Kerala
Ans : T.D. Medical College (Vandanam)
First bird village in Kerala
Ans : Nooranad
First coir village in Kerala
Ans : Vayalar
First eco coir village in Kerala
Ans : Harippad
Pathiramanal is a small Island, located in
Ans : Vembanad lake
Pathiramanal island lies between
Ans : Thaneermukkam and Kumarakom
The largest island in Vembanad lake
Ans : Pathiramanal
Pathiramanal was known in ancient period as
Ans : Ananda Padmanabhan Thoppu
Krishnapuram palace was built by
Ans : Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma
Krishnapuram palace is located at
Ans : Karthikappally in Kayamkulam
The famous mural painting ‘Gajendra Moksham’ is located in
Ans : Krishnapuram palace
Nehru Trophy Boat Race is conducted on the
Ans : Punnamada lake in Alappuzha.
‘Karumadikkuttan’, a Buddha statue was found in
Ans : Karumadi near Alappuzha
Kumarakodi in Alappuzha is the resting place of
Ans : Kumaranasan
Memorial of Punnapra Vayalar struggle (1946)
Ans : Kalarcodu
Taluk which has the longest coast line
Ans : Cherthala
The sea shores famous for ‘Chakara’
Ans : Thumboli and Purakkadu


The region has the lowest altitude in India (1.2 – 3 m)
Elevation : -2.2 m
It is lying below sea level
Known as the Netherlands (Holland) of Kerala, The Dutch of Kerala
The rice bowl of Kerala
The Gift of Pamba
The land of Chundan Boats
The seat of ancient Cheras
Thottappilly spill way is located
Chairman of Kuttanadu Package M.S.
Ans : Swaminathan
Kuttanadinte kathakaaran
Ans : Thakazhi
The place in India selected by the National Geographic Channel for the programme named ‘Around the World in 24 hours’
Ans : Kaakkathuruthu
Old name of Chengannoor
Ans : Shonadri
Old name of Mavelikkara
Ans : Onattukara
Old name of Cherthala
Ans : Karapuram
The kitchen of Health Department
Ans : Kalavoor
Temple City of Kerala
Ans : Haripad
The land of Mayoorasandesam
Ans : Haripad
Dakshina Palani
Ans : Haripad Subrahmanya Temple
Headquarters of Kerala Water Transport
Ans : Alappuzha
Mankombu Rice Research Institute
Ans : Kayamkulam
Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ans : Kalavoor
Coir Research Institute
Ans : Kalavoor
International Coir Museum
Ans : Kalavoor
State Coir Board
Ans : Kalavoor
Raja Ravi Varma College of Finance
Ans : Mavelikkara
Kerala Spinners
Ans : Komalapuram
The Headquarters of KPAC (Kerala People’s Arts Club)
Ans : Kayamkulam
Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) unit
Ans : Nooranadu


The Cultural Capital of Alappuzha is
Ans : Ambalapuzha
Ottanthullal was originated at
Ans : Ambalapuzha
Kunjan Nambiar Memorial is situated at
Ans : Ambalapuzha
The seat of Chempakassery dynasty
Ans : Ambalapuzha
Old name of Ambalapuzha
Ans : Chempakassery
Thakazhi Memorial is at
Ans : Ambalapuzha
Dakshina Guruvayur
Ans : Ambalapuzha Sreekrishna Swamy Temple

Nehru Trophy

Started in -1952
Known as
Ans : Olapparappile Olympics
Old name – Prime Minister’s Trophy
Lake -Punnamada lake
First Winner – Nadubhagam Chundan
Conducted on second Saturday of every August


Harippad Subramanya Swamy Temple
Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna Swami Temple
Mannarasala Snake Temple
Chettikulangara Devi Temple
Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple (2000 year old Siva Temple)
Arthunkal Church


Nehru Trophy Boat Race
Ans : Punnamada Lake
President Trophy Boat Race
Ans : Ashtamudi Lake
Mother Theresa Boat Race
Ans : Achankovil River
Ayyankali Boat Race
Ans : Vellayani Lake
Aranmula Boat Race
Ans : Pamba River
Sreenarayana Jayanthi Boat Race
Ans : Kumarakom
Sreenarayana Boat Race
Ans : Kannettikaayal
Paaypadu Boat Race
Ans : Paaypadu river


Vembanad Lake
Kayamkulam Lake

First National award winner for script writing
Ans : S.L. Puram Sadanandan
Father of Indian Political Cartoon
Ans : Cartoonist Sankar
Founder of Children’s Book Trust
Ans : Cartoonist Sankar
The leader of Temple Entry Proclamation
Ans : T.K. Madhavan
Founder of Travancore Labour Association
Ans : Vadappuram P.K. Bava
First Trade Union martyr of Kerala
Ans : Vadappuram P.K. Bava
First Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly
Ans : Sankara Narayanan Thampi
The oldest member to Kerala Legislative Assembly
Ans : V.S. Achuthanandan
Vayalar Stalin
Ans : C.K. Kumara Panicker
Missile Woman of India
Ans : Tessy Thomas


Viplavathinte kavi
Thoolika padavaalaakkiya kavi
First Gold Medal winner for Best Song Composing from the President of India
Vayalar Award was instituted in 1977
Book written by his wife Parvathi Thampuratti about him – Indra Dhanusinte Theerathu

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