Information Technology (IT) and Cyber laws Notes set 2

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Which computer manufacturing company is called Big Blue?




d)Micro Soft

Operating system keeps the information of files in a table called …..

a)Directory folder table

b)File allocation table

c)File indexing table

d)None of these

±Eudora is a :


a)Photoshop software

b)Email client

c)Text editing software

d)Messaging software

±The IP address of a computer is also known as…

1.Client address

2.Computer address

3.Local host address

4.None of these


±The ability to read or write each piece of information in a storage device in approximately the same length of time regardless of its location is …..

1.Random Access

2.Raster scan

3.Sequential access

4.None of these

±……. Is a protocol based communication system between server and its clients


2.Web socket


4.Web worker

Which among the following is a specially designed website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way like e mails, forums, and search engines?

1.Web browser

2.Web portal

3.Web software

4.Web nectar

±What is web casting?

1.Casting a movie or TV star in a role on the www

2.Transmitting the video and audio on the internet

3.Searching on the web

4.Transmitting on the web

±While working on MS word document, how can spelling and grammar errors can be detected?

1.Press F7

2.Press Shift+F7

3.Press Ctrl+F7

4.Press Alt+F5

—– are special effects used to define a way in which the slides appear during a slide show




4.Slide master


±Pick out the object oriented programming language





±Unique address given to a computer connected to a network is called..



3.IP address

4.PIN number

±The command LINUX ‘echo’ is used to….

±Display message on the screen

±Display a command

±Display the date and time

±None of the above

you can watch the video class below

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