Marketing executive Kerala Tourism Syllabus|Kerala Tourism Marketing Executive syllabus|Sores manager handicrafts development corporation of Kerala limited Syllabus

Kerala Tourism Marketing Executive syllabus

Syllabus of Stores Manager Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Limited and Marketing Executive Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited (KTDC) is given below.

Exam Date 27/07/2021

1. Name of Post: Marketing Executive

Category no: 195/2019

Department: Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Limited (KTDC)

The scale of Pay: Rs 18470 -33680

No of vacancies: 02

2. Name of Post: Stores Manager

Category no: 252/2018

Department:  Handicrafts Development Corporation of KeralaLimited

The scale of Pay: Rs 10790-18000

No of vacancies: 02

Module I:

Process of management – planning – types of plans – organizing – organization design – structure & process – line & staff – delegation – centralization and decentralization – directing and controlling – control techniques.

Module II:

Communication process – Factors affecting communication – Channels of communication – barriers

to effective communication – Improving interpersonal and organization communication

Module III:

Financial Statements– Meaning – Objectives –The structure and contents of financial statements–

The profit and loss account and the Balance Sheet.

Module IV:

Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis: Ratio analysis-(problems)-Types of ratios-Ratios to

understand the financial status and performance of an organization- Ratios and their uses.

Module V:

Role of operations Capacity planning, Aggregate Production Planning methods Quality-Dimensions,Cost of quality, Total Quality Management- TQM tools. Benchmarking, Kaizen, Employee empowerment, JIT. Quality management Systems- ISO 9000, ISO 14000, BIS. Short term scheduling.

Module VI:

Production Planning and Control, Materials Management: Inventory control techniques, Purchase

decision- MRP-I, MRP-II, ERP. Make or Buy decision. Vendor management. Supply Chain

Management- Drivers of Supply Chain Performance. supplier performance appraisal.

Module VII:

Forecasting & Planning. Forecasting methods, factors affecting forecasts – Materials planning,

Materials Cycle and Flow Control Systems, Materials Budget- Purchasing: Purchasing

organization, duties of purchasing department, centralized and localized Purchasing, purchasing

policies, budgets, methods of purchasing, buying factors, source selection, source development,

make or buy decision.

Module VIII:

Legal aspects of purchasing, imports and exports policy, lead time analysis, purchasing and quality

assurance. International purchasing, Purchasing procedures and records: Requisition, purchases

order follow up and expediting systems, receipt and inspection.

Module IX:

Stores management and Control: Stores and Stores organization: Organization of stores location and layout of stores, Relevant factors in design of stores. Functions of stores keeping, stores records and procedures

Module X:

Types of stores-Stock verification-types, process. Obsolete, surplus and scrap management.

Standardization and variety reduction- Classification, coding and codification system

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