20 Expected Questions from Indian Constitution – Set 1|Indian Constitution Questions

In this post, you will learn 20 Must study Articles of Indian Constitution. Questions are asked from this session in every question paper of Kerala PSC Exams.

Indian Constitution Questions

1.Article deals with the Election Commission

     Ans. Article 324

2.Election Commission came in to force on

Ans.25th January 1950

3.National voters day

Ans.January 25

4.The study and scientific analysis of elections is called


5.The first voting were cast in

Ans.Chini Taluk (Himachal Pradesh)

6.First voter of India

Ans.Shyam Saran Negi

7.First Election Commissioner of India

Ans.Sukumar Sen

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8.First malayalee to become the Chief Election Commissioner


9.Right to vote is a

Ans.Legal Right

10.The Prime Minister who reduced voting age to 18 years

Ans.Rajiv Gandhi

11.The first Woman Chief Election Commisioner


12.The first state to issue Electoral Identity Card


13.Tenure of Election Commisioner

Ans.6 Years or Until they attain 65years of age

14.Tenure of State Election Commissioner

Ans.5 Years or 65 years

15.Head Quarters of Election Commissioner

Ans.Nirvachan located at New delhi

16.First state Election Commissioner of Kerala


17.The state Election Commissioner appointed by


18.First state to computerise all voters list


19.Longest serving chief election commissioner of india


20. The first state Public Service Commission to Conduct Online examination

Ans.Rajastan PSC

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