20 Expected Questions in Biology for University Assistant Exam- PART 1

20 Expected Questions in Biology for University Assistant/[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Secretariat Assistant Exam- PART 1

1.One life is written by

Dr.Christaan Bernard.

2.F.R.C.S Stands for

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgenos.

3.Onion is modifed form of


4.The highest science awardin india

S.S Bhatnagar award

5.A non-living component of a living cell is


6.the organ that regulates body temperature in human beings is


7.Which disease is caused by thedeficiency of vitamin D


8.A gas used for artificial ripening of a given fruit


9.Which of the following is an non-vertebrate


10.Which one is communicable disease


11.ECG is used to study the function of


12.The scientist  who gave scientific laws of heredity for the first time


13.The World AIDS Day is

December First

14.Which is a disease caused by disorder of the respiratory system


15. Transportation of food in plants take place through


16.What disease is cased by intake of saturated fats

Cardiac problem

17. A gland known as gland of emergency

Adrenal gland

18.The source of oxygen for fish living at the bottom layer of the sea is

Small sea plants

19. The acid present in oranges

Citric acid

20.National Science day is observed on 28 February to commemorate

The day of declaration of Rama Effect

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