50 Expected Questions from Biology for University Assistant ,VEO, LDC Exams

50 Expected Questions from Biology for University Assistant ,VEO, LDC Exams


  1. Vermiculture is related to: Earth Worm
  2. Silver Revolution is related to the enhanced

production of: Poultry

  1. White Revolution is related to the enhanced

production of: Milk

  1. Antibiotic Penicellin is produced by: Fungi
  2. Birds includes in the class: Aves
  3. Cockroach has …… pairs of wings: 3
  4. How many cubs does a lioness usually

give birth in a delivery: Three

  1. Myrmicology is the study of: Ants
  2. Ophiology is the study of: Snakes
  3. Organism with only one leg: Snail
  4. Tadpoles are the young ones of: Frog
  5. The largest ape”: Gorilla
  6. The most intelligent among aquatic animals:


  1. The only animal in cat family that shows

sexual dimorphism: Lion

  1. What is known as ‘Killer Fish’?


  1. What is known as ‘River Horse’? Hippopotamus
  2. Which is known as ‘fossil fish’? Coelacanth
  3. Which organism has its auditoty organs

in leg? Cricket

  1. Cooniculture is the scientific rearing of:


  1. Joey is the young one of: Kangaroo
  2. Ailurophobia is the fear of: Cats
  3. Elephant has ……. teeth: 4
  4. Favourable temperature for the hatching

of hen’s egg is …… degree Celcius: 37

  1. Macaca silenus is the scientific name of:

Lion Tailed Macaque

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  1. Study of Eggs: Oology
  2. The organism that survived evolution:


  1. The second largest animal in cat family:


  1. What is known as ‘poor man’s cow’? Goat
  2. Which organism has a tongue longer than

its body? Calotes

  1. Which organism is the symbol of cancer:


  1. Fish that has hand and legs: Latimer
  2. Tusk of elephant is a modification of: Incisors
  3. Icthyology is the study of: Fish
  4. Emu is a native of: Australia
  5. The bird that lives in Rookery: Penguin
  6. Archiopterics are the ancestors of: Birds

Which gland is known as Adam’s apple?


  1. The bone above the elbow: Humerus
  2. The bones below the elbow: Radius and Ulna
  1. The bones below the knee: Tibia and Fibula
  1. The bone above the knee: Femur
  2. What is known as the ‘relay station ofbrain’? Thalamus
  1. Jarvic-7 is the name of artificial…… Heart
  2. Wavy motion of food through the alimentary canal is: Peristalsis
  1. Which gland is known as ‘biological

clock’? Pineal gland

  1. The hormone that regulates water in human

body: Vasopressin

  1. What percent of the total energy in human

body is utilized by brain? 20

  1. The enzyme in the intestine that digests

protein: Pepsin

  1. The plant food which is the richest source

of protein: Soyabean

  1. What is known as the ‘blood bank in human

body’? Spleen

  1. The substance that causes tears while

handling onion: Phosphorus

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