500 Expected Questions for University Assistant Exam

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500 Expected Questions for University Assistant Exam

1 Nataraja Guru is the son of the renaissance leader :

Dr Palpu

2 The renaissance leader who formed ‘’Karshaka Sangham” in Malabar :


3 The minimum age for marriage of boys and girls were made 14 and 18 respectively by the Sarada Act of in 1929 when the Viceroy was :

Lord Irwin

4 Ancient Hayakstan is present day :


5 Chattampi Swamikal learned ‘’Hatayoga’’ from :

Thycaud Ayya

6 Father of organ transplantation :

Joseph Edward Murray

7 Headquarters of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited :


8 In which year Indian Air Transport was nationalized :


9 Deacon’s Process is related to the production of:


10 Farmers added calcium oxide in soil to :

Reduce its acidic nature

11 Golden Globe Award is related to :


12 Home of Nilgiri Thars, which is a National Park in Kerala :


13 In which plant carbohydrate is stored in flower :


14 In plants sexual reproduction takes place through :


15 In which year National Green Tribunal came into being:

2010 (October)

16 In which year State Human Rights Commission was established in Kerala:


17 Inscription of Vikramadhithya Varagunan :

Paliyam inscription

18 ‘’Karthika’’ is a variety of which crop :


19. Manjira is the tributary of :


20 Mumbai High is known for :

Oil mining

21 Popular festival of Assam :


22 Russian traveller who visited Kerala: Athanasius Niktin

23 Sunlight Vitamin is :Vitamin D


24 The combustion material at the tip of safety match stick: Antimony sulphide

25 The country with the largest number of official languages : South Africa

26 The district in Kerala which has the largest extent of mountainatious regions : Idukki

27 The fastest reptile : Iguana

28 The first Chief Minister of Assam : Gopinath Bordoloi

29 The forest in Kerala which is known for its bio diversity : Silent valley

30 The most populated country in African continent : Nigeria

31 The people sitting below a burning bulb feels heat due to : radiation

32 The second non Indian woman who became the President of Congress : Nelli Sengupta (1933)

33 The state of matter in the Sun : Plasma

34 Tomb of Tutankhamun is in : Egypt

35 Tusk of elephant is modified : Incisors

36 Vazhakkulam in Ernakulam is known for the cultivation of : Pineapple

37 ‘’Virippu krishi’’ is harvested in which month of Kollam era : Kanni

38 Which animal is known as the King of animals : Lion

39 Which full time sportsman is nominated as member of Rajya Sabha as per Article 80 of the Constitution : Sachin Tendulkar

40 In which year MILMA was established: 1980

41 In which year National film awards were established : 1954

42 In which year Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited was established: 1986

43 Indian Institute of remote Sensing in Dehra Dun is established with the cooperation of : Netherlands

44 Native land of Diego Maradonna : Argentina

45 Official language of Kerala : Malayalam

46 On 15 August 1946, the leader who exhort to observe ‘’Direct Action Day’’ : Muhammad Ali Jinnah

47 On the demise of Chattampi Swamikal, who authored ‘’Samadi Saptakam’’: Pandit Karuppan

48 Sree Krishna took training under Sandeepani Maharshi at : Ujjain

49 Sree Narayana Guru conducted conference of all religions in 1924 at : Aluva

50 The first cricket club in Kerala was formed at : Thalassery

51 The first Delhi Sultan who married Hindu Princess : Alauddin Khilji

52 The first south Indian language in which Bible was translated : Tamil

53 The largest religion in the world next to Christianity : Islam

54 The only Commonwealth country in south America : Guyana

55 Who led the revolt in Lucknow during 1857 revolt : Begum Hasrat Mahal

56 Who was known as ‘’Sakyamuni’’: Buddha

57 The coldest capital is that of : Mongolia

58 Sinn Fein was the national movement of : Ireland

59 “Navamanjari” authored by Sree Narayana Guru is dedicated to : Chattampi Swamikal 60 Chengiz Khan was a native of : Mongolia

61 Founder of ‘’Vidhyaposhini’’ : Sahodaran Ayyappan

62 Hindu Maha Sabha leader who requested Hindus to boycott Quit India Movement : V.D. Savarkar

63 In which year Ayyankali passed away : 1941

64 Lingaraaja temple is in : Bhuvaneswar

65 Of the tributaries of River Indus , the one which emerges from the easternmost: Sutlej 66 Only people of which country can become the President of World Bank : America

67 Real name of Brahmananda Sivayogi : Karat Govinda Menon

68 The basic text of Bharatnatyam : Abhinayadarpanam

69 Who was known as the Father of Renaissance : Petrarch

70 Who was the regent of Akbar : Bairam Khan

71 Autobiography of N.N. Pillai : Njan

72 ‘Be Prepared’ is the slogan of : Bharat Scouts and Guides

73 ‘Daivamae Kaithozham Kelkkumarakanam” is a poem authored by : Pandalam Kerala Varma

74 “Ente Gurunathan” on Mahatma Gandhi is composed by : Vallathol Narayana Menon

75 Argument between Kerala and Tamil Nadu is over the dam : Mullapperiyar

76 Belur, the Headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission is in : West Bengal

77 Bermuda Triangle is at : The Atlantic ocean

78 Blood Pressure of a sleeping person : Decreases

79 Crimea was part of : Ukraine (Now annexed by Russia)

80 During British Regime the summer residence of the Governor of Madras was at : Ooty 81 French Open is related to : Tennis

82 Mannathu Padmanabhan started his career as a : Teacher

83 Mary Antonette was killed followed by : French Revolution

84 Name the vitamin required for the proper functioning of reproductive organs: Vitamin E 85 Official language of France : French

86 The first chairman of Cochin Port Trust : V.R. Subramanium

87 The first Indian woman who procured Pilot license : Urmila K. Pareekh

88 The first private company which launched air service in the national level : East West Airlines

89 The main religion in Brazil: Christianity

90 The main religion of Meghalaya : Christianity

91 The President of the interim government formed on 2 September 1946: Lord Wavell

92 British regime in India lasted for how many years : 190

93 Castner Process is related to the production of: Sodium

94 Endosulphan is a : Pesticide

95 Father of Indian Meteorological Department


96 Father of Indian Space Science : Vikram Sarabhai

97 Forest in Kerala known for star tortoises : Chinnar

98 Ganga and Yamuna merges at : Allahabad

99 Headquarters of Kerala State Pollution Control Board : Thiruvananthapuram

100 Height of Mount Everest : 8848 m.

101 How many feet does a snail has : one

102 In which year Wagan Tragedy took place : 1921

103 Indian Chief Justice who served for the longest period : Y.V. Chandrachood

104 Indira Awaz Yojana is connected with : Housing

105 Jalianwala Bagh massacre took place at : Amritsar

106 Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was launched by : Rajiv Gandhi

107 Kathakali emerged from the art form : Ramanattom

108 Kumarakom is on the banks of the Lake : Vembanadu

109 MacMahon line separates : India and China

110 Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in India was won by :Vinobha Bhave 111 Malayalee who refused Padmasree : K.Kelappan

112 Mayannur bridge connects : Palakkad and Thrissur

113 Monazite is the ore of: Thorium

114 National Rural Development Institute is at : Hyderabad

115 Paddy Research Centre in Kerala is at : Pattambi

116 Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasya is famous in : Flute recital

117 Real name of the music director Pukazhenthi : Velappan Nair

118 Sony is a electronic manufacturer belonged to the country : Japan

119 Sports star known as ‘’Golden Girl’’ : P.T. Usha

120 Tashkent treaty is signed between the countries : India and Pakistan

121 The circumference of the Earth was first calculated by : Erasthothenes

122 The district in Kerala which has no mountains : Alappuzha

123 The Finance Minister who presented Union Budget ten times : Morarji Desai

124 The first atomic power station in India is at : Tarapur

125 The first eco-tourism spot in Kerala : Thenmala

126 The first internet literary magazine in Malayalam: puzha.com

127 The first Malayalee to win Arjuna Award : C.Balakrishnan

128 The first Malayalee woman to become Governor in any Indian State : Justice (rtd) M.S.Fathima Beevi

129 The first person to appear in postal stamp : Queen Victoria

130 The first polio free district in India : Pathanamthitta

131 The first teak plantation in the world established by the British in 1842 is at :Nilambur 132 The first woman opposition leader in Lok Sabha : Sonia Gandhi

133 The gas causing green house effect : Carbon Dioxide

134 The last colonial power to leave India : Portuguese

135 The layer of atmosphere closest to the Earth Surface: Troposphere

136 The National Leader who represented the people of depressed classes in the Round Table Conferences held in London in 1930, 1931,1932: B.R.Ambedkar

137 The novel by Bankim Chandra Chartterjee in which the poem ‘’Vande Mataram’’ was included: Anandmath

138 The world’s largest producer of rice : China

139 Thennali Raman adorned the court of : Krishnadevaraya

140 Tomb of Akbar is in : Sikandra

141 Other name of Niranam Poets : Kannassa Panicker

142 Reformist also known as ‘’Shanmughadasan’’: Chattampi Swamikal

143 The award that resembles a fig leave : Bharat Ratna

144 The first Malayalee woman to figure in Indian Stamp and Coin : Sister Alphonsa

145 The first multinational corporation in the world the Dutch East India Company established in 1602 had its Headquarters at : Amsterdam

146 The last temple established by Sree Narayana Guru : Kalavankode

147 The oldest stock exchange in the world is at :Amsterdam

148 The security Agency which protects Taj Mahal : CISF

149 The smallest country in terms of area among Gulf countries : Bahrain

150 To increase benefits in agriculture the best method that can be adopted is :Mixed Farming.

151 Travancore soldiers defeated Dutch in the battle at : Kolachel

152 Veluthampi Dalawa revolted against the British in : Travancore

153 When did India conduct its nuclear tests for the first time: 18 May 1974

154 When fuels burn partly the gas produced maximum is : Carbon monoxide

155 When the Indian President assumes power, the oath of office is taken before the: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

156 Which country attacked Israel in 1967 and conqured Sinai: Egypt

157 Which river is also kwown as Perar : Bharatapuzha

158 Who are exempted from paying house tax : Ex-servicemen

159 “Anuseelan Samithi” functioned from : Bengal

160 “Mamsa nibaddamalla ragam” proclaims poet Kumaranasan in : Leela

161 Between 1843 and 1850 the Royal poet of Britain : William Wordsworth

162 In 1936 Olympics, when an Afro American won Gold Medal, Hitler who witnessed the event left Stadium. The Afro American was : Jesse Owens

163 In which year Postal Life Insurance began : 1884

164 In which year Sree Narayana Guru attained Samadhi in Varkala : 1928

165 Industrial epicenter of Kerala : Aluva

166 Lord Mountbatten assumed as the last Viceroy on : 24
March 1947

167 Name the leader who was conferred Bharat Ratna for handling Sri Lankan refugee issue efficiently : MGR.

168 National aquatic animal of India : Gangetic Dolphin

169 Non Co-operation Movement ended on : 12 February 1922

170 Who is known as the father of logic : Aristotle

171 Founder of Christianity : Jesus Christ

172 In India, the internet facility was made available through VSNL in the year : 1995

173 In which language Vedas are composed: Sanskrit

174 Marrakesh Treaty which led to the formation of world Trade Organization was signed at : Morocco

175 National game of France : Tennis

176 Secretary of Dadabhai Naoroji during the Congress session in 1906: Mohammad Ali Jinnah

177 Sree Narayana Guru established Advaita Ashramam at : Aluva

178 Sunburn is caused by : Ultraviolet rays

179 The Act , which banned diarchy in British Indian Provinces : Government of India Act 1935

180 The Act that proposed provincial autonomy in British India : Government of India Act of 1935

181 The first artist to receive the title Kaizar e Hind of the British Government : Raja Ravi Varma

182 Who was known as the conscience keeper of Mahatma Mahathma Gandhi : C Rajagopalachari

183 The basic law of a country is its : Constitution

184 Christmas Island is under the control of : Australia

185 Flow of hot spring from the Earth’s surface : Geyser

186 For the first time in India, Kerala announced pension for farmers called: Kisan Abhiman

187 The political and cultural capital of Malwa Plateau of ancient India : Ujjain

188 The second Indian film star whose picture adorned the cover page of Time Magazine: Aiswaraya Rai

189 The Viceroy when Jawaharlal became the Vice President of the interim government formed on 2 September 1946 : Lord Wavell

190 The vitamin which directly participate in photosynthesis : Vitamin K

191 What is known as ‘’ Daiva kanam’’ : Higgs Boson

192 Which organization came into being on 24 October 1945 : UNO

193 Who appeared for C. Kesavan for his seditious Kozhenchery speech case : T.M. Varghese

194 Who authored ‘’Brahmasree Sree Narayana Guruvinte Jeevacharithra Samgraham’’ :Kumaranasan

195 Atomic number of Chromium : 24

196 Grey matter is a part of : Brain

197 The first suspension bridge in Kerala was built in : Punalur

198 ‘“If a Temple is destroyed, that much superstition is destroyed” who said this : C. Kesavan

199 “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her” Who said this : William Wordsworth 200 Founder of World Economic Forum : Klaus M. Schwab

201 Genetic material in a cell is : DNA

202 Gir Forest is in : Gujarat

203 Headquarters of Al Jazira TV Channel: Qatar

204 Headquarters of Kerala Granthasala Sangham (Now Kerala State Library Council) : Thiruvananthapuram.

205 In the application for RTI, the fee of the Court fee stamp to be affixed is : Rs.10/

206 In which state is Tawang Buddhist Monastry: Arunachal Pradesh

207 Indian Custom of “respecting all living things and not injuring them” is : Ahimsa

208 IRDP stands for: Integrated Rural Development Programme

209 Kyoto Protocol is related to : Climate Change

210 Name of the Ocean which means ‘’peace’’ : Pacific Ocean

211 People from which community are nominated to Legislative Council by the Governor : Anglo Indian

212 Rabindranath Tagore was also expert in the branch of medicine : Homeopathi

213 River Konar originates from : Afghanistan

214 Strobilanthus kunthiyanus is the botanical name of :Neelakurinji

215 United News of India was established in: 1959

216 Which act extended the powers of Governor General of Bengal to Bombay and Madras : The Councils Act of 1793

217 Which language is known as ‘’Devabhasha’’ : Sanskrit

218 Devi Ahalyabhai Holkar Airport is at :Indore

219 Izardari System in 1773 was introduced by : Warren Hastings

220 In a cricket match, the number of umpires in the ground will be : 2

221 In which year Taj Mahal was included in the list of World Heritage sites : 1983

222 When Indian Air Force was established on 9 October 1931 the Viceroy was: Lord Willington.

223 When the Government of India Act 1935 came into force the Viceroy was :Lord Linlithgow

224 Who led ‘’Long March’’ in China : Mao Zedong

225 Who propagated the ideologies of Sree Narayana Guru in the west : Nataraja Guru 226 The cheapest and safe conventional source of energy : Solar energy

227 The doctor who performed the first heart transplantation : Christian Bernard

228 The first Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission: Ranganath Mishra

229 The first Indian to become the Chairman of the United
Nations Human Rights Committee: P.N.Bhagavathi

230 The highest court of Justice in Britain: Supreme Court

231 The inner layer of eye ball: Retina

232 The live volcano in India : Barren Island

233 The only planet in the solar system in which there is no storm : Mercury

234 The organisation‘Servants of India’ was established by : Gopal Krishna Gokhale

235 The outer layer of eye ball: Sclera

236 The patron of Fundamental Rights : Judiciary

237 The salient feature of National Integration : Unity

238 The snow does not melt beyond : Snowline

239 Universal Adult Franchise ensures : Political Freedom

240 VAT come into effect in Kerala on: 1 April 2005

241 What is the colour of lymph: Colourless

242 When did United Nations General Assembly make Human Rights Proclamation : 10 December 1948

243 Which country/region is called ‘Land of Morning calm” : Korea

244 Remnants of Parthenon temple is in : Greece

245 Temporary hardness of water can be removed by: Boiling

246 The Central Secretariat Library is named after : Lal Bahadur Shastri

247 The Crowing of George V took place in New Delhi in 1911 when the Viceroy was : Lord Hardinge

248 The first Governor General of British India : Warren Hastings

249 The first Indian Talkie Alam Ara was made in the language : Hindi

250 The founder Chairman of National Dairy Development Board : Dr. Varghese Kurien 251 The Governor General who prohibited Sati : Lord William Bentinck

252 The Indian musician to use Violin in classical concert : Muthuswami Deekshithar

253 The largest known star : V.Y. Canis Majoris

254 The last disciple of Sree Narayana Guru : Ananda Theerthaswamikal

255 The leader known as ‘’Puratchi Thalaivar’’ : M.G.R.

256 The Viceroy when Simon Commission was appointed to study the reforms of Montague- Chelmsford : Lord Irwin

257 The Viceroy who resigned due to the difference of opinion with Lord Kitchener : Lord Curzon

258 Which is also called Sahyadri : Western Ghats

259 Which religious group established Zionism : Jews

260 Which state is known as the ‘’Granary of India’’ : Punjab

261 Who appoints Chairman of Union Public Service Commission: President

262 The deity at the Thycaud Ayya temple (Thiruvananthapuram) : Shiva

263 The first Indian film participated in the International film festival : Sita

264 The first Indian film with songs : Bhagyachakra (Bengali)

265 The fourth largest island (Next to Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo): Madagascar 266 The largest employer in the world : Defence department of the USA

267 The second person to receive Bharat Ratna while serving as the Vice President : Dr. Zakir Hussein (1963)

268 The Viceroy when the North West Frontier Province was formed : Lord Curzon

269 The work also known as Shadsahasri : Natyasastra

270 When Indian Republican Army under the leadership of Surya Sen attacked the armory of the British at Chittagong the then Viceroy was : Lord Irwin

271 Which country is called the Land of Forest and Water : Jamaica

272 Who was known as ‘‘Vaikom Veerar’’ : E.V.Ramaswami Naikker

273 Who wrote “Life Divine” : Aurobindo Ghosh

274 Who wrote Padmavath : Malik Muhammad Jaizi

275 Who wrote the foreword to “Vivekananda Sahitya Sarvaswam” : Sister Nivedita

276 The country that launched Green Revolution in Asia: Philippines

277 The first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha : Meirakumar

278 ‘The deadliest disease is orphaning” who said this :
Mother Teresa

279 Chikunguniya is spread by : Aedes mosquitoes

280 Eravikulam National Park is known for : Nilgiri Tahr

281 First Indian to win individual medal in Olympic : Abhinav Bhindra

282 How many year ago did man start talking : 60000

283 Indian Constitution came into effect on: 26 January 1950

284 Industry which thrives on the banks of Hooghly River : Jute

285 The romantic “Prananadhan enikku nalkiya paramanda
rasathae” is composed by : Irayimman Thampi

286 The social reformer called Kumaragurudevan : Poikayil Appachan

287 The social reformer who said ‘Let us now set ablaze temples’ : V.T. Bhattathirippad 288 Under which Act election was held in the Provinces of British India in 1937 : Government of India Act 1935

289 When did Sree Narayana Guru establish Adviatashramam in Aluva: 1914

290 Which Act was introduced by the British to remove the shortcomings of the Regulating Act of 1773: Pitt’s India Act

291 Which fruit is called the Nature’s tonic: Plantain

292 Who became Chief Minister of Tiru Kochi in 1951: C. Kesavan

293 Who organized ‘’Thuvayalpanthi’’ : Ayya Vaikundar

294 Who prepared the draft of Government of India Act of 1935: . Sir Maurice Gwyer

295 The first country to accept Christianity as the official religion of the nation : Armenia 296 Jawaharlal Nehru remarked which State as ‘’Jewel of India’’ : Manipur

297 Jim Corbett National Park is in : Uttarakhand

298 Land of Sandalwood in Kerala : Marayoor

299 Leader of Ezhava Memorial (1896) was : Dr.Palpu

300 Muhammad Ghazni attacked Somnatha Temple at Gujarat : A.D.1025

301 Musician of Gwalior patronized by Akbar : Tansen

302 National Schedule Caste Schedule Tribe Commission was formed in: 1992

303 On heating, the heat is transferred from one molecule to the next is called : Conduction

304 Scientific name of rice : Oryza sativa

305 State Fish of Kerala: Karimeen (Pearl spot )

306 Malayalam University is named after : Thunchat Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

307 Name the strike led by Aruna Asaf Ali, Jayaprakash Narayan and Achuth Patwardan followed by the arrest of main leaders : Quit India Agitation

308 Novelist Arthur Kastler was born in : Hungary

309 Renowned Cartoonist Yesudasan worked for the daily : Malayala Manorama

310 The capital of North Korea: Pong Yang

311 The election symbol of Bharatiya Janata Party : Lotus

312 The film Bhargavi Nilayam based on the story Neelavelicham was authored by : Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

313 The first city in India to be declared as the city of Sculptures : Kozhikode June 2012 314 The first European disciple of Sree Narayana Guru : Ernest Kirk

315 The first film actor to receive Bharat Ratna : MGR 316 The first space traveler of China : Yang Liwei (womanLiu Yang )

317 The architect of Indian Constitution : Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

318 The Article of Indian Constitution which gives special status to Jammu Kashmir : 370 319 The cricketer who took 50 centuries in test match : Sachin Tendulkar

320 The cultural Language of Europe : French

321 The first jute mill was established in : Rishra

322 The first Olympian of Kerala : C.K.Lakshmanan

323 The fluid filled in inner ear: Labyrinth

324 The exponent of Barcode : Norman Joseph Woodland

325 The first Indian to form organization for India’s freedom outside India : V.D. Savarkar (1906)

326 The first National security Advisor of India : Brijesh Mishra

327 The first person to become the Governor General of India twice : Lord Cornwallis

328 The first President of Swaraj Party : C.R. Das

329 The first president of Travancore Devaswom Board : Mannathu Padmanabhan

330 The first secretary of Swaraj Party : Motilal Nehru

331 The Viceroy who cancelled the vernacular Press Act of 1882 : Lord Ripon

332 The largest island in the Indian Ocean : Madagascar

333 The first Governor General who passed away while in power : Lord Cornwallis

334 Who led the first burning foreign clothes in 1905 at the
Pune College : V.D. Savarkar

335 Emblem in the National Flag of Brazil is : Football

336 The food ingredient accepted internationally : Cabbage

337 The Holy Book translated in all world languages: Bible

338 The Mughal King who banned dance and music in his court: Aurangzeb

339 The number of Portuguese speaking people are largest in : Brazil

340 The only American President with PhD : Woodrow Wilson

341 The second five-year plan focused on: Industry

342 The continent called ‘’miniature copy of the Earth’’ : Asia

343 The Indian President who translated ‘The Republic’ by Plato : Dr. Zakir Hussein

344 The only political leader who passed away through the Yoga process ‘’Atma samarpanam’’: V D Savarkar (1966)

345 The smallest member country in NATO : Iceland

346 Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham was formed by : Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi 347 Mannathu Padmanbhan was born in : Perunna (Kottayam district)

348 Muktheswara temple is in : Bhuvaneshwar

349 Nathpa Jhakri dam is built across the river : Sutlej

350 National sport of majority of the countries : Football

351 Sushrutha was a native of :Varanasi

352 The country where the currency is not decimal based : Madagascar

353 The Tughlaq ruler who was known as ‘’Wisest fool’’ : Muhammad Bin Tughluq

354 Weight of Statue of Oscar Award : 8 ½ pound

355 When did Jallianwala Bagh massacre occur : 13 April 1919

356 Where is Parthenon temple: Greece

357 Which Amendment of the Constitution ensured 33% reservation in local Self Government:73 and 74

358 Who led the integration of princely states after independence: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

359 Who was the ex-officio Chairman of Planning Commission : Prime Minister

360 What is known as Lovers’ Apple : Tomato

361 The first cricketer who scored 400 run in one innings :
Brian Lara

362 “It is better to light a candle instead of cursing darkness” is the motto of : Amnesty International

363 “Speaking religion to starving person is equivalent to insulting him” : who said this Swami Vivekananda

364 Cabinet system is a contribution of : Robert Walpole

365 Date of birth of Hitler : 20.4.1889

366 The military initiatives taken by the Government of India to suppress naxal movement : Operation Green Hunt

367 The southernmost port in Kerala : Vizhinjam

368 The Tibetan leader who was given political asylum by India : Dalai Lama

369 The Viceroy when Cripps Mission came to India : Lord Linlithgow

370 To rectify the defect of 1919 Government of India Act, the British Parliament passed : Government of India Act 1935

371 When Cripps Mission failed Indian National Congress launched : Quit India agitation 372 When the Conservative Party faced defeat, Sir Winston Churchill stepped down and the Labour Party assumed power with Clement Atlee as the Prime Minister. The then Indian Viceroy was : Lord Wavell

373 Which is called the Satellite for knowledge : Edusat

374 Which newspaper instituted one of the highest prize money awards in Malayalam literature? : Mathrubhumi

375 ‘Prabudda Keralam’ was launched by : Agamananda

376 ‘Sahityakuteeram’ is the residence of : Pandit Karuppan

377 ‘Atmopadesa Satakam’ by Sree Narayan Guru is written in the language:Malayalam 378 Element used in making Vanaspathi oil: Hydrogen

379 Headquarter of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics : Kolkata

380 Hibakusha is a term related to the people of : Japan (Atom bomb victims)

381 How many percent of India is Kerala : 1.18

382 In which year Indian Parliament celebrated Golden Jubilee : 2002

383 Jimmy George Indoor Stadium is in: Thiruvananthapuram

384 Mosquito produces sound by the vibration of its : Wings

385 Movement along a circular path : Circular motion

386 The first country to conduct election through internet : Estonia

387 The first Dalit Woman to become the Chief Minister of an Indian state : Mayawati

388 ‘’Anandamatham’’ was established by : Brahmanada Sivayogi

389 ‘’Dharmosmat Kuladaivatham’’ is the slogan of the daily : Malayala Manorama

390 Element whose atomic number and mass number are equal: Hydrogen

391 Elephant day in Kerala is on : 14 October

392 Founder of Mughal Dynasty Babur was a descendant of the country : Mongolia

393 Gateway to High range and Kuttanad : Changanassery

394 Headquarters of Nair Service Society : Perunna (Changanassery)

395 In which year Kumaranasan was born : 1873

396 In which year Spain became Republic : 1931

397 In which year ‘’Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham’’ was registered: 1928

398 In which year the fourth state Congress session held in Payyanur which was presided by Jawaharlal Nehru was held : 1928

399 Kesavadeva Temple in ancient days was built in : Madhura

400 Memory Book a list of rare collections for posterity is published by : UNESCO

401 ‘’Namma Metro’’ is the metro of : Bangalore

402 The first limited company in Kerala : Punalur Paper Mills

403 The first Literary Museum in Kerala is at : Tirur

404 The first Malayalee to become Chief Election Commissioner : T.N.Seshan

405 The first tea museum in Kerala is in : Munnar

406 The river that flows through the boundaries of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh : Narmada

407 Alamati Project is in the river : Krishna

408 Ancient Monument Protection Act was passed when the Viceroy was : Lord Curzon 409 Army Post office starts with the number : 9

410 Editor of Yukthivadi magazine in 1928 : Sahodaran Ayyappan

411 Ester with the smell of apple: Butyl acetate

412 Firoz Shah Kotla is famous for the sport : Cricket

413 IPL is related to the sport : Cricket

414 Kublai khan was a native of : Mongolia

415 The Malayalam poet born in Killikurissimangalam near Thiruvilwamala , Palakkadu : Kunchan Nambiar

416 The place where Ayya Vaikundar was born : Swamithoppe

417 The place where Sree Narayana Guru attained Enlightenment : Maruthwamala (Kanyakumari district)

418 The first wild life sanctuary in Kerala : Thekkady

419 The first woman Governor of Kerala : Jyothi Venkitachalam

420 The first women’s college in Kerala was established at : Thiruvananthapuram.

421 The largest railway station in the world : New York Central Terminal

422 The most abundant mineral in the world : Quartz

423 The Police Chief of Kerala with the rank of Inspector General: Chandrasekharan Nair 424 The scientist who first isolated Magnesium : Humphrey Dewey

425 Urubamba is related to : River

426 Which disease kills most number of children : Pneumonia

427 Who appoints the Chief Minister in Union Territories : President

428 Egg laying mammal : Platypus

429 The first to get arrested on staying individual satyagrapha : Vinobha Bhave

430 Chemical name vitamin H : Biotin

431 Founder of Muslim Aikya Sangham : Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

432 Governor General connected with ‘’Nandakumar episode’’ : Warren Hastings

433 Headquarters of Benares Hindu University : Varanasi

434 In which country Easter Rebellion took place in 1916 : Ireland

435 In which year the first election using indelible ink was held in India : 1962

436 Islam Renaissance in Kerala is led by : Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi

437 Jessie Owens Award is connected to : Sports

438 Kerala Government Department for Non Residents : NORKA

439 Metal which is a liquid at room temperature : Mercury

440 Second Ezhava Memorial was submitted to : Lord Curzon

441 St. Patrick belonged to : Ireland

442 The first Administrator designated as the Governor General of India instead of Governor General of Bengal : Lord William Bentinck

443 The first Mayor of Kolkata Corporation in 1924 : C.R. Das

444 The first woman chancellor of Kerala : Jyothi Venkitachalam

445 The first woman police station in Kerala is at : Kozhikode

446 The Logo “ Kerala God’s Own Country “ is conceived by : Walter Mendez

447 The traditional architecture of Kerala : Naalukettu

448 The Viceroy who took steps to repair Taj Mahal : Lord Curzon

449 Viceroy when Madras, Bombay and Culcutta Universities came into being : Lord Canning

450 Vijayawada is on the banks of : River Krishna

451 When the treaty of Srirangapatinam was signed between the British and Tipu the Governor General was : Lord Cornwallis

452 Who gave the title Vagbhadananda to Kunjikannan Gurukkal : Alathur Sivayogi

453 Who is known as the father of industrial revolution: James Watt

454 Who was respectfully called as Superintendent Ayya by people: Thycaud Ayya

455 Next to Chinese, Spanish and English, the language widely used is : Hindi

456 After the demise of C.R. Das who became the leader of Swaraj Party : Motilal Nehru 457 Before the launch of Civil Disobedience, Mahathma Gandhi wrote to which Viceroy giving details of 11 demands anticipating a way for peace : Lord Irwin

458 Buddha conducted his first religious discourse in Saranath which is near : Varanasi 459 Doctrine of Lapse introduced by Dalhousie was withdrawn by : Lord Canning

460 During the first Anglo Mysore War , the Governor General was : Warren Hastings

461 Headquarters of East Coast Railway: Bhuvaneshwar

462 Indian Air Force Museum is in : New Delhi

463 Name the Viceroy who made legal the punishment process framed by Lord Macaulay : Lord Canning

464 Nivedita the disciple of Swami Vivekananda was a native of : Ireland

465 Parswanathan the 23rd Teerthankara of Jain was a prince of : Varanasi

466 Pitch is related to the game : Cricket
467 Which organization influenced Ayyankali to launch Sadhujana Paripalana Sangahm : SNDP

468 Cryolite is an ore of which metal: Aluminium

469 During which agitation parallel Governments in Baliya and Satara came into power: Quit India Movementnt

470 In which year Brahmananda Shivayogi was born : 1852

471 In which year Moppila rebels and soldiers encountered at Pookkottur : 1921

472 Indian Scientist who passed away in air crash in 1966: Homi Jahangir bhabha

473 Founder of “Indian Association” the first political organization with a national perspective : Surendranath Banerjee

474 In which year Alexander attacked India : 327-326 BC

475 Mother of Akbar : Hamidabhanu Begum

476 Rain clouds are : Nimbostratus

477 While presiding the Congress session on31 December 1929 at Lahore Jawaharlal Nehru declared that the aim of Congress is complete independence. The then Viceroy was : Lord Irwin

478 Who wrote ‘’Harivamsa Puranam’’ : Jinasena

479 The first State in India to establish two data centers : Kerala

480 Thalakkal Chandu Memorial is at : Panamaram

481 The first woman detective novelist in Malayalam : Bhadra N. Menon

482 Author of ‘’Guru’’ a novel based on the life of Sree Narayana Guru : K.Surendran

483 Barabati Stadium is in : Cuttack

484 Basaveswar is a social reformer of : Karnataka

485 Chalukya King who conquered vengi in 611 from the Pallavas : Pulikesin II

486 Which is known as the ‘’Holy City’’ : Jerusalem

487 When did Marthanda Varma ascend throne in Travancore : 1729 AD

488 Home of Eskimos : Igloo

489 ‘Rajya Samacharam’ the first newspaper in Malayalam was published from : Thalasseri

490 Titanium is purified by: Van Arkel Method

491 Where was Napoleon crowned as the French Emperor :
Notre Dame Cathedral

492 The American President who resigned on allegations : Richard Nixon

493 The Declaration of Independence of U.S.A. is known as : The Perfume

494 The dynasty referred in Mudrarakshasam : Nanda Dynasty

495 The founder of Alexandria : Alexander the Great

496 Ural mountain ranges separate Europe from the continent : Asia

497 Where did Aryans settle in India first : Punjab

498 Which country is called the Sawmill of Europe :Sweden

499 Which is known as ‘Desert continent’: Antarctica

500 Who established independent dynasty in Bengal when Mughal dynasty declined: Murshid Ali Khan



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