Attingal Revolt- Popular Movements in Kerala

Attingal Revolt- Popular Movements in Kerala 

Attingal Revolt-1721

  • Attingal revolt is considered as the first organised revolt in Kerala against British East India Company.
  • The outbreak happened at Anjuthengu Fcatory
  • Anjuthengu Fcatory was under the supervision of its chief Gyfford
  • the corruption practices of Gyfford and his men provoked the local people
  • They even invoked the religious sentiments of the people living there
  • The embarassed local people attacked a contingent of 140 English men and Massacred them on April 15,1721. This is called Attingal Revolt.
  • Gyfford was also killed
  • Then British and Rani entered into an agreement, “Traety between the English and the Travancore-1723”
  • It was the first treaty negotiated by the English East India Company with an Indian State
  • Further in 1723, a treaty was signed between Marthanda varma and Dr Alexander Orme
  • Kerala History is a very important topic in Kerala PSC Exams. The Attingal Revolt Comes under the subtopic Popular Movements in Kerala


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