Ayyathan Gopalan- Renaissance Leaders of Kerala

In this article, I would like to discuss about Ayyathan Gopalan, one of the Renaissance Leaders of Kerala.

Renaissance leaders of Kerala is a very important topic in any Kerala PSC Exam.

The GK part is removed very recently from some professional exam only.

Let’s know Sri Ayyathan Gopalan

Ayyathan Gopalan

Sri Ayyathan Gopalan was born on 3rd March 1861 at Thalasseri.

He was influenced by the ideology of Brahmo Samaj and Rajaram Mohan Roy.

He started a branch of Brahosamajam at Kozhikode in 1893,January 14th.

started another branch Brahmosamaj at Alappuzha in 1924

Sri Ayyathan Gopalan translated Brahma Dharma in to Malayalam.

British Goverment gave him Rau Saheb Award

He Established Suguna Vardhini Society.

He organised Misrabhojanam and Misra vivaha in Kozhikode

He wrote plays as well. Saranjini Parinayam, Suseela Dukham etc are his famous plays.

He died on 2nd May 1948

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