Best books for preparing Electrical and Electronics Engineering Competitive Exams

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In this website ,we have listed the best books for preparing Electrical and Electronics Engineering Competitive Exams . These exams include Kerala PSC, SSC, RRB, ISRO, DRDO, BSNL and UPSC Exams. First we will discuss three important Exams conducted by Kerala PSC.

Best Books for Sub Engineer Electrical KSEB Exam:

First, we will discuss about Kerala PSC Technical Exams. Mainly focusing on Electrical and Electrics Engineering exams.

For any exam, the most important reference is the previous year question paper. As of now, only one publication is available with the Electrical and Electronics Engineering previous question papers. The book is given below.


Check the price HERE Buy this book HERE

Another important book is Objective Electrical Engineering, Electron Technology. This book contains objective questions on all important topics in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Check the price HERE Buy this book HERE

There is another practice test on Electrical Engineering at a low price. Check this book HERE

For reference, the standard books you studied in Engineering course is sufficient. I will list out some the standard textbooks below.

A textbook on Basic Electrical Engineering is a must . If you don’t have your old books with you, try to get one or buy one.

Here are some of the suggestions.

Basic Electrical Engineering textbook 1 : check HERE

Basic Electrical Engineering text Book 2 : check HERE

If you are looking for a simple explanation book, this is the one for you. Basic Electrical Engineering textbook 3 : Check HERE and Basic Electrical Engineering Textbook 4

Best Books for Assistant Engineer Electrical KSEB and Assistant Electrical Inspector in Electrical Inspectorate Exam:

For the AE( Assistant Engineer) Electrical KSEB, and AEI ( Assistant Electrical inspector) in Electrical Inspectorate, the first two suggestions are the same.

you can check the Previous question papers Electrical and Electronics Engineering and objective Electrical Engineering.

For each main subjects, I will give you my personal suggestions

  1. Electrical Machines Text book

Principles of Electrical Machines Check the price HERE

A Textbook of Electrical technology : Ac and DC machines Buy HERE

2. Power Systems:

A Course in Power System

Principles of Power system : check HERE

A textbook on power system Engineering check HERE

3. Power electronics

Power Electronics Text book 1 check HERE

Power Electronics Textbook 2 Check HERE

4. Switch gear and protection

Fundamentals of Switchgear and protection

5. Electronics Circuits – Analog and digital Electronics

Analog and Digital Electronics textbook

6. Control System

Control System Engineering

7. signals and systems

Signals and system Book 1

Signals and Systems Book 2

Signals and systems book 3

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