Fireman Mains Exam Syllabus|Fireman Fire and Rescue Services Exam Final Exam Syllabus

Firewoman Exam Syllabus for Mains Exam

Exam Type: Mains Exam/ Final Exam

Post name: FIREMAN (TRAINEE) {Fire and Rescue Services, FIREWOMAN (TRAINEE) {Fire and Rescue Services}

Category No: 139/2019, 359/2019 , 245/2020

Medium of Exam: Malayalam

Main topics and Mark division for Fireman Exam

I. General Knowledge

 1. History 5 marks

2. Geography 5 marks

3. Economics 5 marks

4. Indian Constitution 8 marks

5 . Kerala- governance 3 marks

 6 . Biology and Public Health 4 marks

 7. Physics 3 marks

8. Chemistry 3 marks

 9. Arts, Sports, Literature  Culture, 4 marks

II. Current affairs 10 marks

III. Simple mathematics and Reasoning 10 marks

 IV. General English 10 marks

V. Regional Language 9Malayalam,Tamil,Kannada) 10 marks

 VI. Special Topics – Job Related( Can be Frst Aid, Safety etc) : 20 marks

First Aid Notes

Fire and First Aid

1) Fire (9 Mark)

i. Basic Concepts:- Combustion, Temperature and Heat, Fire Triangle

ii. Chemistry of Heat and combustion:- Heat capacity, Specific heat capacity, Latent heat of

fusion, Latent heat of vaporisation, Sublimation, Melting point, Boiling point, Flash

point, Fire point, Ignition temperature, Method of heat transfer (Conduction, Radiation,

MSDS-LPG, Ammonia, Chlorine.

iii. Method of Fire extinction:- Starvation, smothering/Blanketing, Cooling, Fire

Extinguishing agents, Suitability of Extinguishing Medias.

iv. Fire Extinguishers :- Types of Fire Extinguishers, PASS

 2) First Aid (9 Mark)

I First Aid– Concept -Important Organisations and Persons

II Human body, Respiration, Breathing Pulse, Circulation & Skeletal system

III Resuscitation methods

CAB/ABC rule

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

CPR – Concept and Procedure


IV Choking and its first aid measures

V Cuts and Wounds, Amputation and its first aid measures

VI Bleeding and its first aid measures

VII Burns, Scalds, Frost Bite and its first aid measures

VIII Fractures, Types of fractures and its first aid measures

IX Snake bite and its first aid measures


Section 43 Penalty and Compensation for damage to computer, computer system, etc.

Section 43A Compensation for failure to protect data.

Section 65 Tampering with computer source documents.

Section 66 Computer related offences

Section 66B Punishment for dishonestly receiving stolen computer resource or

 communication device.

Section 66C Punishment for identity theft.

Section 66D Punishment for cheating by personation by using computer resources.

Section 66E Punishment for violation of privacy.

Section 66F Punishment for cyber terrorism.

Section 67 Punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form.

Section 67A Punishment for publishing or transmitting material containing sexually

 explicit act, etc in electronic form

Section 67B Punishment for publishing or transmitting material depicting children in

 sexually explicit act, etc in electronic form

Section 72 Penalty for breach of confidentiality and privacy.

Section 77B Offences with 3 years imprisonment to be bailable


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