How much hours you need to study to crack any competitive Exams?How to stay Focused in Studies…..?

How much hours you need to study to crack any competitive Exams?

How to stay Focused in Studies…..?

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Hi friends,

It is not the right question actually that ” How many hours you need to study. Rather, we must focus on ” How much output you can give?”

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How many Hours Need to Study?×

How Much output you give√

any work accomplished is given by,

Work Accomplished = Time Spent× Intensity of Focus

In his book ” DEEP WORK”,  Carl Newport says, there are two types of work

  1. Deep work
  2. shallow work

Deep work is when there is no any disturbances at all.

  • Without any disturbance
  • With full concentration
  • Do more in less time

Shallow work:

  • With Disturbances
  • Not using brain
  • With study, Check social media notifications

Deep work – is a skill that need to be developed. its found very rare nowadays.

then you can attain the best performance.

4 things you can try to do DEEP WORK

1.Single tasking

2.Zero distraction

3.Intense Focus

4.Extended Period of Time

  • Not only Intension
  • Need will Power
  • No disturbance

1.Monastic Approach

you sacrifice everything for the purpose. Yo quit social media, outings , all enjoyments and concentrate deeply in study/ work

2.Bi modal approach

you lead the normal life with your family and friends; but when you need to work / study, yo will be isolated from the normal atmosphere, and start study/work deeply. You can go to a library or study room where you can concentrate more in studies

3.Rhythmic Approach

here , you will give 1 hour for deep study/work and next 1 hour for relaxing. a Rhythmic approach.

4.Journalistic Approach

this is applicable to the people who are not getting any distraction free time normally. Then they need to find a free time and concentrate deeply in study/work in between all the disturbances surrounding you.

so friends,

Embrace Boredom

Quit Social media

Drain the shallows




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