How much will be the in-hand salary of a university assistant in Kerala?

How much will be the in-hand salary of a university assistant in Kerala?

Hi friends, In this post I would like to discuss with you the actual salary of the University Assistant in Kerala.

As the exam date is already announced , 15 June 2019, all are eager about the scale of pay for the post. As per the notification , it was shown a bit lower than other Assistant posts. So, Have a look at the actual thing..

Below is the Kerala PSC notification showing the salary details.

As per the Notification, the scale of Pay is 13900-24040/- INR. Here you can see that there is written PR in brackets. That means it is the previous scale of pay. Thus, it will be changed when you get appointed.

I will show you one salary slip of a person who is working as Assistant in a University in Kerala. Thus, we can get the actual salary details.

Salary slip University Assistant

Here you can see that the Basic pay is 27800 INR.

DA( Dearness Allowance) is 3336 INR.

HRA (House Rent Allowance) is 1500 INR.

HTA is 450 INR

Thus the Gross salary is 33086 INR.

And you can see that, there are some deductions also Professional Tax, Income Tax, PF( That will vary as each person can set the amount), GIS, SLI .

Total deductions in this payslip is 2900 INR

After the deductions, the payable amount is 30186 INR.

Thus, the minimum salary you get will be 30000 INR, and its a good amount for a Govt employ with so much allowances and all.


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