IT and Cyber law Quiz 2

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Hi friends, This is the second quiz on IT and Cyber law, which is a very important topic in Kerala PSC and other Competitive exams. Try these questions and give me your feedback in the comment box.


#1. India’s first Cyber post office was established at

#2. The name given by user to document is called…

#3. Computer operations are measured in

#4. Computer cannot do anything without a …

#5. Charles Ranlett Flint is the founder of ….

#6. One puts information into the Computer by pressing this key?

#7. Password protecting of a file or folder is called?

#8. Which of the following is not a Part of processor?

#9. which of the following is not a computer operating system?

#10. The unique name of the combination of Analogue and digital Computer is:

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download the pdf of Latest who is who in India here

you can download the pdf of all study materials here

You can watch the video lessons from here

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