Kerala Basics- facts about Kerala for Kerala PSC exams

Facts about Kerala- Kerala Basics

Hi friends,  in this post I would like to explain the basics facts of Kerala State. Facts about Kerala is a very important topic for  Kerala PSC Exams. We can start from the beginning itself. First, we will study some basic facts like number of districts, taluks, Villages etc and then we will discuss some of the geographic features of Kerala, Formation of Kerala.

Facts about kerala
Kerala state highlighted
Some Important Numerical facts about Kerala

Number of Districts – 14

Number of Taluks – 75

Number of Villages – 1535

Number of Statutory towns – 59 ( Statutory town is the place with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area)

Number of Census towns – 461 ( The place having a minimum population of 5000, at least 75 % of men engaged in non agricultural activities, and minimum population density of 400 per square meter)

Number of Grama panchayath – 941

Number of Community development blocks – 152

Number of district panchayths – 14

Number of municipalities – 87

Number of Municipal Corporations – 6

Number of Assembly seats – 140+ 1 Anglo Indian nominee

Number of Loksabha seats – 20 +1 Anglo Indian nominee

Number of Rajya Sabha seats – 9

Number of Cantonments – 1 (kannur)

Township – 1 ( Guruvayoor- upgraded to municipality)

Some Important Basics Facts about Kerala
  • Kerala is the southernmost state of India and It lies  towards the south western tip of Indian peninsula
  •  Total geographic area is 8,36,300 h a. it is the 1.18 % of total area of India
  • On the basis of area, Kerala has got 22nd rank
Borders of Kerala

East : Tamil Nadu

North- East : Karnataka

West : Arabian sea

West : Indian ocean

  • Western Ghats lies along the eastern side of Kerala.
  • Kerala stretches about 580 km along Malabar coast
  • Width of Kerala vary from 35 to 120 km
Other Basic facts of Kerala
  • Capital of Kerala – Thiruvanathapuram ( old name is Ananthapuri)
  • Principal language- Malayalam ( the script is Vattezhuthu)
  • Major festival – onam
  • State tree – Coconut tree ( Scientific name – Cocos Nucifera)
  • State flower – Golden shower ( Kani-konna) [Scientific name – Cassia Fistula]
  • State bird – Horn bill [Scientific name – Buceros Bicornis]
  • State animal – Elephant [Scientific name – Eliphus maximus]

*  elephant was made our ‘ National heritage animal’ in 2010.

  • State fish – karimeen ( Black spotted fish) [Scientific name – Etroplus suratensys]
  • State beverage – tender coconut
  • Kerala is in 13 th rank among Indian states based on population
  • rank 1 in Human development Index (HDI)- HDI =0.79
  • life expectancy is 74 trs( male 71.4 , female 76.3)

Most populated district : Malappuram

least populated district : Wayanad

Population density:-

most densly populated district : Thiruvanathapuram( 1506

Least densly populated district : Idukki( 254

Sex ratio:-

highest : Kannur ( 1136/1000)

lowest : Idukki (1006/1000)

Literacy rate:-

Highest : Kottayam (97.2%)

N.B ; 2nd is pathanamthitta(96.5%)

Lowest : Wayanad(89%)

Population in panchayath wise:-

Most populated Panchayath : Thanur

Least populated Panchayath : Idamalakkudi

Population growth rate:-

highest : Malappuram

least : Pathanamthitta


Dear friends, that’s about some important basic facts about Kerala. I will come up with notes on the same in the coming posts. If you need to get any clarifiaction or notes regarding any topic, feel free to contact me. email: [email protected]

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