Kerala PSC LDC Preliminary Shortlist Download PDF|LDC Shortlist all Districts

Kerala PSC LDC Preliminary Shortlist Download PDF

Kerala PSC had announced the result of 10th level preliminary Exam. LDC exam is one of the most awaited exams in the list. The PDF of shortlist is given below for each district.

As Kerala PSC website is hang now, you can directly download the shortlist pdf from My Notebook Website.

LDC cut off and no of candidates included

LDC cut-off marks of each district and no of candidates selected are given below. Those who scored the cut-off mark and above will be qualified for writing the main examination.

Tvm 47.4036 (23654)
KIm 51.2994 (15246)
Pta 44.9748 (11150)
Ktm 52.7245 (13564)
Alp 40.1379 (13248)
Erm 41.50. (24079)
Idk 34.6911 (12165)
Tsr47.5863 (22213)
Pkd 50.5379 (19054)
MIp 46.6298 (20924)
Kkd 47.7461 (20145)
Wyd 40.6701 (7499)
Knr 48.9796 (18688)
Ksd 41.4122 (9818)

LDC Shortlist all Districts

LDC Wayanad Shortlist Download PDF

LDC Thrissur Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Kozhikode Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Kazargod Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Malappuram Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Idukki Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Palakkad Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Kottayam Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Kollam Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Ernakulam Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Alappuzha Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF

LDC Pathanamthitta Shortlist DOWNLOAD PDF



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