Last Minute tips to crack Civil Police office Exam

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Hi friends,

Civil police officer exam is nearby. It will be on 22nd July, 2018. At this point of time all the aspirants who are preparing for Civil police officer exam are very eager about

how the exam will be? easy or tough questions?

Am I prepared enough?

I feel like I forgot everything and . Shall I be able to remember the answers in exam hall?

can I get a higher rank in the exam?

……..All are having so much doubts and questions like these..

I would like to share with you some of the things to remember for the exam. Say it as the last minute tips.

Two days before exam:

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not try to learn anything completely new to you: you must revise your short notes that you prepared already during your study time. You need to complete revising all topics that you studied. If you go for a new topic there is chance of getting 1 or 2 marks (and also losing) , but you will feel regret if you cannot remember the questions that you have studied. With out revision, we cannot retain the things in our memory. If the ideas are vague in our memory, then we will get confused while checking the 4 options given


  • Do not compromise your sleep:  A good quality sleep is a must on the night before the exam. Our brain will work best if it gets enough rest. If we strain our brain at the last night before exam, it will get saturated and we cannot reproduce anything effectively on exam time.


  • don’t attend a mock test on the last day. If you not scored up to the level, you may feel demotivated. Do as much as mock test and analyse them effectively before the last days of exam


  • don’t try to eat/ drink the things which are not familiar to you, and avoid spicy food from outside home. If any stomach upset happens , that can ruin your exam 🙁

Must Do:

  1. take your admit card printed atleast 2 days before exam. there can be possibilities of power failures (as this is heavy rainy season) and that may cause problems.
  2. Find out the correct location of your test center. You can make a call to the exam center , the number will be given in the admit card itself. And find out the way to reach there on time.
  3. Take your Original ID card anything as specified in admit card itself. Don’t forget to bring that. If you are bringing your driving licence as your ID, make sure that it is not the DUPLICATE , it must be the ORIGINAL. otherwise you will not be permitted to write the exam
  4. Be ready with two ball point pens (blue or black), which are tested working good. It will be good if you write with the same pen  few days before the exam. So, you will get the grip and flow with the pen. Try not to buy and use pen on the exam day
  5. Reach the test center on time and find out your seating position prior to commencement of exam.

In the Exam hall

  1. Avoid loose talks to others before exams. Those who are seriously preparing will not be doing that.
  2. silently pray for some time before exam. Try to relax, and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Keep aside all your worries. Next 75 minutes will be very crucial for you. Promise yourself that you will make a good use of this time.
  3. When the teacher give the instructions, listen carefully even if it’s not your first test. Be polite when you ask any doubts
  4. Fill the OMR sheet with atmost care. Write your register no. in the sapce provided and bubble them carefully. Some candidates may make mistakes in filling date of exam and date of birth. Carefully fill those.
  5. you can stand and get the question paper booklet from your examiner. It;s a good practice…

During Exam:

  1. open the booklet only when you are permitted to do so.
  2. start from the 1st question so that you don’t miss out any question.
  3. go through the question paper three rounds completely. I will explain how.
    • In the 1st Round of answering,  you start from 1st question and start answering those which you are very much sure about. No problem if you  marked few no of answers. The rest can be attended in the next round. do this up to the 100th question. Don’t forget to make a tick or  ⁄  on the question mark which you do not answered.
    • In the second Round of answering,  you need to go only through the questions that are marked un -attempted in the first round. This time, you came in the track and adapted to the exam atmosphere and can think more effectively.  Bubble the answers that you are sure about and strike out the tick or  ⁄  (×)  if you answered that question . go up to the 100th question. In this round you will mark most of the answers you are sure about.
    • The third round has more probability that the answers will be more out of guess work and chance to get negative marks.. so you have to do this round with utmost care. Control your tendency to do a flat guess. try eliminating the not so possible answers and find out the most probable answer. Use your commonsense also.
  4. After completing the exam, carefully separate the OMR sheets in to PART A and PART B and hand over to the invigilator. The invigilator should sign on your PART A, if he/she missed your paper , you can ask her politely about it.
  5. Leave the exam hall only when you are allowed to do so.
  6. Leave the exam hall with positive mind… Analysis of the question paper can be done later. Believe in yourself and assure that, you have done well..
  7. after the analysis, understand your weak areas and that will help for the prepartion of next Exam….


All the Best for all the aspirants. If you have any queries, please comment in the comment session. you can message me through telegram on 7510893107.

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