My Notebook PSC Study Booklet|PSC Pareekshakku oru Vazhikatti|Bibi Mohanan My Notebook

PSC Pareekshakku oru Vazhikatti


PSC Pareekshakku oru Vazhikatti |My Notebook Bibi Mohanan

Hi Friends,  “PSC Pareekshakku oru Vazhikatti” is a booklet that can give you an idea and guidance to prepare for PSC Exams. You can download the PDF Booklet “PSC Pareekskakku oru Vazhikatti” HERE.

The Booklet is Compiled by Bibi Mohanan, Online Educator and Blogger.

The Contents of the Booklet is;

1.My Notebook Store

2.Important Telegram Channels

3.Important Playlists My Notebook

4. Playlists EEE Made Easy

5.Websites for Notes

6.Study Materials PDF (Exam wise & topic Wise)

7.ICDS Study Notes

8.Poly Lecturer Study Notes

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Dear Friends, the important video/study material links are given Exam wise and Topic wise. You can access the videos and notes by clicking on the name itself

Join Telegram channels:

         1.MyNotebook                                4. EEE Made Easy

         2.VEO/LDC                                5. ICDS Supervisor

         3.KAS                                            6. Railway Exams

            Important Playlists- My Notebook

Exam Wise

1.LDC 2020

2.KAS- Kerala Administrative Service

3.VEO-Village Extension officer


5.University Assistant

6.Secretariat Assistant

7.Company/Board Assistant

8.Village field Assistant

9)High Court Assistant

10)Devaswam Board LDC

11)Lab Assistant Exam

12)Khadi Board LDC

13)Industries Extension officer

14)Driver Exam

15)Railway Exam

16)ICDS Supervisor

17)Village field Assistant 2

Topic Wise

1.Kerala PSC information

2.Motivational/How to Prepare

3.Memory Tricks

4.SCERT Text Book Classes

5.Recent Question Papers(116 videos)

6.Subject wise Previous Questions

7.Current Affairs 

8.Malayalam Grammar

9.English Grammar

10.Maths Lessons

11.Science Lessons

12.Renaissance Leaders

13.Indian Polity and Constitution

14.Recruitment Notifications

15.Facts about India


Important Playlists- EEE Made Easy

Exam Wise

Industries Extension officer

Polytechnic Lecturer

Technical Superintendent MILMA

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Machines

Electrical Interview Questions

My Notebook Websites

•My Notebook

•EEE Made Easy  •

•Previous Questions

•Railway   •

•EEE Notebook  •

•Jobs Diary  •

Study Materials

Exam wise


ICDS Supervisor

Polytechnic Lecturer

Industrial Extension officer


Railway Exam

Job News

Category Wise

Mock Tests


SCERT Text Books pdf

Previous Questions pdf

Syllabus pdf


Maths Solved PDF

Malayalam PDF

Notes PDF

ICDS Supervisor Notes

Food Nutrition and Health




Home science


Poly Lecturer Notes

Electrical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Dairy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Thank you all…

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Download PDF ” PSC Pareekshakku oru Vazhikatti”

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