RRB JE Previous Question Paper CBT1 | RRB NTPC Previous Questions

RRB JE Previous Question Paper CBT1 | RRB NTPC Previous Questions


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1. Which one among the following was the Harappan trading station? (a) Surkotda (b) Kalibangan (c) Lothal (d) Ropar
2. Which one of the following recorded the transformation of King Ashoka after the Kalinga War? (a) Rock Edict XIII (b) Rock Edict VI (c) Rock Edict IV (d) Rock Edict II
3. The International Head Quarters of Red Cross : (a) New York (b) Geneva (c) London (d) Paris
4. The first general election of India after Independence was in : (a) 1948 (b) 1947 (c) 1949 (d) 1950
5. The Crocodile Bank in the country is located in : (a) Madras (b) Bangalore (c) Visakhapattanam (d) Thiruvananthapuram
6. Father of Electricity is : (a) Anders (b) Alessandro Volta (c) Faraday (d) Alexander Graham Bell
7. Which Indian State has the longest coast line : (a) Kerala (b) Gujarat (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Maharashtra
8. In a particular country 35 million people still live in caves. Where ? (a) India (b) Africa (c) Germany (d) China
9. The most populated corporation of Kerala : (a) Ernakulam (b) Thrissur (c) Thiruvananthapuram (d) Cochin
10. The postage stamps were introduced in India by :
(a) Lord Dalhousie (b) Lord Canning (c) Lord Ripon (d) Lord Wellesley
11. The character Karuthamma is created by : (a) Thakazhi (b) S.K. Pottekkad (c) M.T. Vasudevan Nair (d) O. Chandu Menon
12. The Animal without fingers but with nails : (a) Tiger (b) Lion (c) Elephant (d) Dog
13. Which Vitamin is easily destroyed during cooking? (a) Vitamin D (b) Vitamin C (c) Vitamin A (d) Vitamin B
14. The Kerala Forest Research Institute situated in : (a) Thekkadi (b) Peechi (c) Muthanga (d) Munnar
15. During whose tenure as the Viceroy of India were the great Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged? (a) Lord Curzon (b) Lord Irwin (c) Lord Minto (d) Lord Chelmford
16. A Shepherd had 34 sheep. All but 18 die, How many sheep were left? (a) 34 (b) 18 (c) 14 (d) 16
17. Chand Bibi, the famous Muslim ruler, belonged to which of the following kingdoms? (a) Bijapur (b) Golconda (c) Ahmednagar (d) Berar
18. Adding new unrelated product or services for present customers are called………….. (a) Horizontal diversification (b) Concentric diversification (c) Conglomerate diversification (d) None of these
19. The Indian Struggle is the autobiography of : (a) Sarojini Naidu (b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Subhash Chandra Bose
20. A group of poets known as Ashtadiggajas adorned the kingdom of : (a) Harihara (b) Bukka (c) Ala-ud-din Hassan (d) Krishna Devaraya
21. Cricket originated in : (a) India (b) America (c) South Africa (d) England
22. Name the Keralite who had done a great speech in UN : (a) K.R. Narayanan (b) V.K. Krishna Menon (c) Akkama Cheriyan (d) Lekshmi N. Menon
23. The Kodungallur poet Kunjikuttan Thampuran is also known as : (a) Kerala Kalidasa (b) Kerala Panini (c) Kerala Vyasa (d) Kerala Varma
24. Which Mohan Lal movie was based on the Independence struggle? (a) Ravana Prabhu (b) Kalapani (c) Piravi (d) Paradesi
25. When was World Trade Organization set up by the member countries of the United Nations to promote trade among countries? (a) 1994 (b) 1995 (c) 1993 (d) 1996
26. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the Union Government to protect States
against external aggression and internal disturbance? (a) Article 355 (b) Article 356 (c) Article 354 (d) Article 362
27. PERT stands for (a) Program Evaluation and Review Theory (b) Program Evaluation and Review Technique (c) Project Evaluation and Review Technique (d) Progress Evaluation and Review Technique
28. In 2008-09, ………… continued to be the major source of India’s imports. (a) Asia and ASEAN (b) EU (c) North America (d) South America
29. The annual addition to India’s population is almost equal to the total population of: (a) Bangladesh (b) Australia (b) Japan (d) USA
30.How is the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere connected? (a) Hydrological cycle (b) Nitrogen cycle (c) Oxygen cycle (d) Carbon cycle
31.Where was Stockholm Conference held? (a) Geneva (b) India (c) Austria (d) Greece
32.What does the latest XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP? (a) Extended Product (b) Extra Pampering (c) Experience (d) Entry level product
33.Which country is the company Nestle head quartered? (a) Sweden (b) Switzerland (c) The Netherlands (d) USA
34.Right to vote is mentioned in the part of the constitution relating to ………… (a) Fundamental Rights (b) Union Legislature (c) State (d) Election
35……….. refers to highly educated and skilled people who migrate from poor developing countries to wealthy industrial countries. (a) Direct Investment (b) Portfolio Investment (c) Brain Drain (d) Transfer Pricing
36.Herpetology is a branch of science which deals with. (a) Aves (b) Mammals (c) Reptiles (d) Fishes
37.Where there is no provision in the partnership Deed regarding the dissolution of partnership, the firm is known as ……. (a) Indefinite partnership (b) Partnership at will (c) General partnership (d) Contingent partnership
38.When number of food chains are interlocked this is called ………. (a) Food link (b) Food chain (c) Pyramid (d) Food Web
39.Which country will host 2015-Cricket Word Cup? (a) England (b) Australia (c) NewZealand (d) Both (a) and (b)
40. Dengue fever is caused by : (a) Virus (b) Bacteria (c) Monkey (d) Birds
41. Which Indian State has a separate Constitution? (a) Delhi (b) West Bengal (c) Rajasthan (d) Jammu and Kashmir
42. The first man in space is : (a) Yuri Gagarin (b) Neil Armstrong (c) Rakesh Sharma (d) Alien Shepherd
43.. The chief spokesman of the Government in Indian Parliament is : (a) President (b) Vice-President (c) Speaker (d) Prime Minister
44. The instrument used to measure humidity of the atmosphere : (a) Hygrometer (b) Thermometer (c) Barometer (d) Lactometer
45. The first Indian Woman in an Olympic track final : (a) Shiny Wilson (b) Anju George (c) P.T. Usha (d) Rosamma Chacko
46. Chalo Chalo Delhi Chalo. This slogan was exhorted by : (a) Sarojini Naidu (b) Subhash Chandra Bose (c) Gandhiji (d) Babu Rajendra Prasad
47. The new name of Santa Cruz Airport of Mumbai : (a) Subhash Chandra Bose Airport (b) Dum Dum Airport (c) Jawaharlal Nehru Airport (d) Indira Gandhi Airport
48. Which river in India is known as the River of Sorrow. (a) Damodar River (b) Ganga River (c) Sindhu River (d) Periyar River
49. The author of Astangahridaya. (a) Vishnu Sharma (b) Chanakya (c) Bhavabhooti (d) Vagbhata
50. The Himalaya is an example of : (a) Volcanic Mountain (b) Fold Mountain (c) Block Mountain (d) Residual Mountain
51. The most abundant metal in the Earths Crust : (a) Iron (b) Magnesium (c) Aluminium (d) Gold
52. UN celebrated ………………year as the year of Youth. (a) 1985 (b) 1986 (c) 1992 (d) 1990
53. The word Monsoon is derived from : (a) English (b) Tamil (c) Arabic (d) Greek
54. Steffi Graf is belongs to : (a) Germany (b) Italy (c) England (d) France
55. Knot is used for measuring : (a) Speed of Rocket (b) Speed of Aeroplane (c) Speed of ships (d) Speed of Train
56. The meetings of Indian Parliament are summoned by : (a) The President (b) Prime Minister (c) Vice President (d) Speaker
57. Best conductor of heat and electricity is : (a) Copper (b) Iron (c) Silver (d) Aluminium
58. The Head Quarters of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is : (a) Thiruvananthapuram (b) Mumbai (c) Nasik (d) Chennai
59. The total number of Muscles in a human body is :
(a) 200 (b) 300 (c) 250 (d) 150
60. The great English poet who wrote two epic poems even after losing his eye sight (a) Shakespeare (b) William Wordsworth (c) Chaucer (d) John Milton
61. The author of ?Long Walk to Freedom. (a) Amartya Sen (b) Nelson Mandela (c) Ang-San-Suki (d) Salman Rushdie
62. The first Mosque in India was established in : (a) Kodungallur (b) Kollam (c) Kasargod (d) Chaliyam
63. The first lady who won Asoka Chakra. (a) Kamlesh Kumari (b) Kiran Bedi (c) Padmavathy Bandopadhyaya (d) Medha Patkar
64. Cradle of the Indian Foot ball is : (a) Calcutta (b) Mumbai (c) Kerala (d) Chennai
65. The motherland of Hermann Gundert : (a) England (b) America (c) Italy (d) Germany
66. The disease caused by deficiency of iron in the diet : (a) Loss of vision (b) Anaemia (c) Pellagra (d) Loss of hearing
67. Which organ is considered as the chemical laboratory of the human body? (a) Heart (b) Liver (c) Kidney (d) Lungs
68. Melody Queen of India: (a) Usha Uthup (b) Sarojjini Naidu (c) P. Leela (d) Lata Mangeshkar
69. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) is in : (a) Maharashtra (b) Kerala (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Uttar Pradesh
70. The one and only Indian Post Office outside India is in : (a) England (b) Antartica (c) America (d) South Africa
71. An Indian State formed on May Ist : (a) Tamil Nadu (b) Delhi (c) Rajasthan (d) Maharashtra
72.The preamble of the Indian Constitution was for the first time amended by the ……….. (a) 24th amendment (b) 42th amendment (c) 44th amendment (d) None of the above
73.Which of the following acid is formed during the change of milk into curd? (a) Acetic acid (b) Ascorbic acid (c) Citric acid (d) Lactic acid
74.Who was the first Speaker of the first Lok Sabha? (a) G.V. Mavalankar (b) C.D. Deshmukh (c) Dr. S. Radhakrisnan (d) Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant
75.Which one of the following is not correct with regard to ethnicity and nationalism? (a) Both trace common bonds across their members (b) Both distinguish between we and they (c) There is unanimity among scholars today that both are imagined relations (d) While nationalism tends towards Nation-States, ethnicity seeks the recognition of its distinct identity
76.According to the census (2011), the lowest literacy rate is in …………..
(a) Utter Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Bihar (d) Arunachal Pradesh
77.Which of the following is not correctly matched? (a) The Government of India Act, 1919 – Minto Morley Reforms (b) The Cripps Mission-year 1942 (c) The Government of India Act, 1935 – Provincial Autonomy (d) The Cabinet Mission Plan – Year 1946
78.The main strategy adopted in the new economic policy of 1991 is ……… (a) Liberalization (b) Privatization (c) Globalisation (d) All of the above
79.Bima is younger than Rita. Rita is younger than Kala. Kala is elder than Nila. Nila is younger than Bala. Who is the eldest of all fo them? (a) Nila (b) Rita (c) Kala (d) Bala
80.The first battle of Panipat was fought between……… (a) Humayun and Shershah (b) Rana Sanga and Babur (c) Akbar and Hemu (d) Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur
81.The first Indian State Government to start Lottery (a) Goa (b) sikkim (c) Kerala (d) Manipur
82.Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History is located at …………. (a) Pune (b) Hyderabad (c) Kerala (d)Coimbatore
Choose one word for the underlined words: 83.Krishna gave up smoking. (a) abolished (b) abandoned (c) staarted (d) accelerated
84.The answer is not clear. (a) vague (b) vivid (c) easy (d) difficult
Choose the correct word to fill up the blanks: 85.He ……..English very well. (a) study (b) learn (c) speak (d) speaks
86.You had better ……….. a doctor (a) consult (b) to consult (c) consulted (d) consulting
87.Would you mind ………..a letter. (a) write (b) writes (c) writing (d) wrote
Choose the correct phrasal verb for the words underlined 88.Large people attended for the meeting. (a) turned up (b) turned down (c) turned off (d) turn over
89.Krishna can not tolerate with his wife. (a) put down (b) put on (c) put accross (d) put up with
90.Choose a word having correct spelling: (a) grammar (b) grammer (c) gramar (d) gramer
Choose a word having opposite in meaning for the words underlined 91.The High Court convicted the accused but the Supreme Court……….. (a) accused (b) acquitted (c) punished (d) set free
92.Raman is guilty but his wife is ……….. (a) punished (b) lazy (c) innocent (d) courageous
Choose the correct tense forms: 93.He …….. abroad last year, (a) went (b) whom (c) go (d) had gone
94.It ….. raining since sixO’ clock (a) has been (b) had been (c) was (d) is
95. I am certain that I am wearing Leela?s cap, and she is wearing ………….. (a) my (b) its (c) her (d) mine
96. Merchants in the town report that the orders …………… sweets have increased. (a) for (b) in (c) to (d) with
97. The audience stood up …………… silence for the National Anthem. (a) with (b) to (c) in (d) for
98. The antonym of entry is ………………. (a) exit (b) disentry (c) gateway (d) doorway
99. The …………….. is an important punctuation mark. (a) comma (b) coma (c) comme (d) cauma
100. I can only blame ………… for my failure. (a) me (b) my (c) mine (d) myself
101.I am happy,………….? (a) amn’t I (b) aren’t I (c) is he (d) am I
102.Mary went to England,…….? (a) didn’t she (b) did she (c) does she (d) doesn’t Mary
Rewrite the sentence into indirect speech by choosing the correct answer: 103.”My mother wrote a letter ,” John said (a) John said that his mother writes letters? (b) John said that his mother had written a letter? (c) John said that his mother has written a letter (d) John said that he has been written a letter
104. Choose the correctly spelt word : (a) defanition (b) definition (c) definision (d) defenition
105. India has a good ………….. team. (a) hocky (b) hokky (c) hockey (d) hokey
106. Dont ………….. your umbrella. (a) lose (b) loose (c) loss (d) losen
Complete the sentence by choosing a word: 107.A cemetery is place ……. people are buried (a) who (b) whom (c) whose (d) where
Choose a word close to the meaning of the underlined word: 108.Like a colossus Gandhiji stands astride half a century of Indias History. (a) gigantic (b) big (c) dwarf
Choose the correct preposition: (d) tall 109.I have been learning English…….1999 (a) for (b) of (c) since (d) by
Fill up the blank using the correct word: 110.Antony is ….. his school days (a) ruminating (b) devoid of (c) dogged (c) a trifle
111.If were a bird, I …… fly away. (a) will (b) would (c) shall (d) would have
112.would you like …….. orange? (a) an (b) a (c) the (d) of
113.One of the boys …… absent today. (a) are (b) were (c) is (d) have
114.Raman said “I am eating an orange.” (a) Raman said that he was eating an orange (b) Raman said that he is eating an orange (c) Raman said that he has been eating an orange (d) Raman said that he had eaten an orange
Rewrite the sentence into Passive voice by choosing the correct answer: 115.Sita carried a bundle of books (a) A bundle of books were carried by Sita (b) A bundle of books is carried by Sita (c) A bundle of books was carried by Sita (d) A bundle of books are carried by Sita
116.Translate it into English (a) English can be translated (b) English would be translated (c) English should be translated (d) Let it be translated into English
117.Suppose you are told to take all the vowels out of the alphabet. Which would then be the 11th letter? (a) k (b) n (c) p (d) m
118.Find the odd out: (a) Uranus (b) Neptune (c) Moon (d) Earth
119.What is the median of the following data? 23,32,24,35,36,37,27 (a) 27 (b) 35 (c) 32 (d) 30
119. Consider the sequence of integers: 122333444455555 …………. where n appears n times. The t1h 9te9r4m is : (a) 52 (b) 63 (c) 94 (d) 88
120. Two triangles have their sides measuring 5 cm, 6 cm, 9 cm and 7.5 cm, 13.5 cm, 20.25 cm respectively. There areas are in the ratio :
(a) 2:3 (b) 4:9 (c) 9:4 (d) 3:2
121. If (n) = n3 + 3n2 + 3n. Then (n+1) is : (a) 2n3 + 6n2 + 3 (b) 3n3 + 12n2 + 4n + 1 (c) n3 + 6n2 + 12n + 7 (d) n3 + 4n2 + 5
122.7,9,10,49,81,…….. (a) 100 (b) 162 (c) 102 (d) 99
123.What is the rational number equal to 0.712712712……………..a (a) 712/10 (b) 712/1000 (c) 712/999 (d) 7127/9999
124. A length of 7 micro millimetre is : (a) 0.000000007 mm (b) 0.00000007 mm (c) 0.0007 mm (d) 0.000007 mm
125. If each of the dimensions of a rectangle is increased by 200%, then the area is increased by : (a) 300% (b) 200% (c) 800% (d) 600%
126. 2101 -2100 -299 is equal to : (a) 299 (b) 298 (c) 2100 (d) 3 (298)
127. In the following number how many 1?s are there which are immediately followed by 0? and not immediately preceded by 5?. 5210638215901210421 (a) 0 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 1
128. Pick odd man out : (a) Treatment (b) Planning (c) Activate (d) Popping
129. Find the number that logically completes the series : 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, ………………., 32, 48, 64 (a) 18 (b) 20 (c) 28 (d) 24
129. If 5 x 4=12 and 8 x 7=42 then 9 x 8 ………… (a) 24 (b) 48 (c) 40 (d) 36
130. If K denotes ÷; S denotes -; Z denotes x and F denotes + then 30S12Z6K2F10 is : (a) 64 (b) -4 (c) 4 (d) -64
131. B earns 20% more than A, C 25% more than B and D 30% more than C. If D earns Rs. 975, then A earns : (a) Rs 195 (b) Rs. 375 (c) Rs. 487.50 (d) Rs. 500
132. The line joining the mid-points of the diagonal of a trapezoid has length ?3?. If the longer base is 97 then the shorter base is : (a) 94 (b) 92 (c) 90 (d) 91
133. If the code of HEAD is HA-1001, then the code of FEED is : (a) FE-1001 (b) FE-1011 (c) Fe-1101 (d) FE-1110
134. Find Next in the series : DEFH, EFGI, FGHJ, ……………….. (a) GHIK (b) GHKI (c) GHIL (d) HIJL
135. In a certain code : Khalil is coded as 123454 and Gibran coded as 657839 then the code of ?Algabar? is :
(a) 4683733 (b) 8378346 (c) 3463738 (d) 3463837
136. If S means +, M means x; N means ÷ and V means -. Then 6M5S9N3V30V3 is : (a) 1 (b) -1 (c) 10 (d) 0
137. If MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded accordingly? (a) CPNCBZ (b) CQOCBZ (c) CPOCBZ (d) CPNCPX
138.Which of the following is the oldest board under the Department of Commerce ? (a) The Rubber Board (b) The Tea Board (c) The Coffee Board (d) The Tobacco Board
139.The stock market index of London stock market is referred to as …………. (a) Footsie (FTSE) (b) Sensex (c) NIFTY (d) Bullish
140.Who is the author of ‘Harry Potter’ series? (a) K.K Roul (b) Jane Austin (c) Harriet Beecher Stowe (d) J.K. Rowling
141.Which of the following is the first story in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series ? (a) The Sign of Four (b) The Six Napoleons (c) The Red Headed League (d) A Study in Scarlet
142.The Cricketer who became the brand Ambassador of ‘Indigo Nation’ is ……… (a) Sachin Tendulkar (b) Virendar Sehwag (c) Anil Kumle (d) M.S. Dhoni
143.Which country won the ICIC Twenty-20 World Cup Cricket in 2010 ? (a) Sri Lanka (b) England (c) Pakistan (d) New Zeland
144. The number of Zeros in the binary code of 15? is : (a) 0 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 1
Study the following arrangement and answer the following questions : R4F@J3U%T7K$7MP*9UT6 145. Which is the next in the series given below : R@F, J%U, %K7, ……………….. (a) K%7 (b) PTU (c) K$M (d) KM7
146.Bismi places a watch on a table so that hour hand points towards south at 6pm. On what direction will the minute hand point at 9.30 pm? (a) East (b) West (c) North (d) South
147.Sania got 182 marks and failed by 18 marks. To pass she had to secure 40% marks. What were the max marks ? (a) 300 (b) 400 (c) 500 (d) 600
148.What is the technique of long term planning for proposed capital outlays and their financing ? (a) Discounted cashflow (b) Pay back method (c) Cut off rate (d) Capital budgeting
149.A seller wants a profit of 20% on the sales. Thus the percentage he should add to the cost price will be: (a) 120% (b) 25% (c) 20% (d) 125%
150.If A means addition (+) B means subtraction (-) C means multiplication (x) and D means (/) what is
the value of expression: 6 B12 A 30 C 6 D 3 ? (a) 66 (b) 12 (c) 54 (d) 33
151.In a certain code language ALBUM can be written as EPFYQ. How the word CRICKET be written in that code language ? (a) GVMGOIX (b) PQSTMOL (c) YQFRIET (d) MSKMVXO
152.If 9+3-3=30 and 4+2-5=13 what is 7+4-8 (a) 30 (b) 36 (c) 40 (d) 46
153.The average age of 30 boys in class and a teacher is 15. If the age of the teacher is 30 year what would be the average age of boys only ? (a) 15 (b) 14 (c) 13 (d) 16
154.In at certain code language LOVE is written as 5321 and WOMEN is written as 63718. How would the word MOVE be written in that code language? (a) 6321 (b) 7321 (c) 8321 (d) 1235
155.In a cricket match A, B and C together scored 47 runs, B and C together scored 27 runs and A and C together scored 35 runs. Find out individual score of A, B and C respectively. (a) 16,10,21 (b) 12,26,9 (c) 20,12,15 (d) 15,15,17
156. What will come in the place ………….. of the sequence COMMONPLACE, OMMONPLAE, MMONPAE, ………………… (a) MONAE (b) MOPAE (c) MONPA (d) MONPE
157. In a meeting of 50 boys, each boy is required to shake hands with the other. Then how many total hand shakes will be there : (a) 1230 (b) 1000 (c) 1250 (d) 1225
158. If PRUNES is coded as SUXQHU then ELIXIR is : (a) TOLALU (b) HOLALU (c) HOLALW (d) HOLRLU
160. Pick out the odd man out : (a) ASIMOV : FICTION (b) WINDOWS : OS (c) PHOTOSHOP : GIMP (d) STEPHEN HAWKING : OXFORD
Directions (Question: 161-162) Read the following passage and answer. A group of students live in a house divided into one room per floor. Abu is in the room below, Aravind and Mubarak is in the room above Ummer. Ummer is in the room below Abu and Aravind lives with Rahul. Musin lives on the top floor. 161.Who else share a room ? (a) Aravind and Rahul (b) Muhsin and Rahul (c) Abu and Ummer (d) Muhsin and Ummer
162.Who is in the bottem room? (a) Aravind (b) Ummer (c) Muhsin (d) Mubarak
Directions(Question 163-164). The following questions are based on substitution of letters according to
the instructions and conditions given below. 2 5 8 1 6 4 0 9 3 7 K O T J N UP L MR (i) If the number starts with a non zero odd digit, that odd digit is codded as $ (ii) If number is starts with an even digit that even digit is codded as #
163.What will be the code for 5693581? (a) $NLMOTI (b) LMOTJN$ (c) KTJL#NR (d) #MJTLNP
164.Which of the following number is the code for $MRTKOU? (a) 3378254 (b) 4378542 (c) 0378245 (d) 6437825
165. From 3 drums of petrol 27, 33 and 45 litres respectively are to be drawn out. What is the capacity of the measure which will allow this to be done most rapidly? (a) 1 litre (b) 3 litre (c) 6 litre (d) 5 litre
166. How many such vowels are there in the above arrangement each of which is immediately preceded by a number and immediately followed by a consonant : (a) None (b) One (c) Two (d) Three
167. How many such symbols are there in the ?Arrangement? each of which is immediately preceded by a consonant but not immediately followed by a consonant : (a) More than three (b) One only (c) None (d) Two
168.Select a similar pair: DBPS:AEOT::? (a) KMVN:JNUO (b) MVMU:NUMJ (c) KNMV:UNJM (d) RTKL:BLTR
169.How many 3s are there in the following number series which are preceded by 5 and followed by 4 if 3 1 2 3 4 5 3 4 7 8 9 3 1 5 3 4 2 6 7 (a) one (b) two (c) three (d) four
170.Some girls are standing in a row. If Labeeba who is 10th from the left and Muhsina 9th from the right interchange their positions, Labeeba becomes 14th from the left, How many girls are standing in the row? (a) 23 (b) 19 (c) 24 (d) 22
171.Plants which grow in shade are called …….. (a) Sciophytes (b) Heliophytes (c) Oxylophytes (d) Epiphytes
172.The headquarters of ‘Coirfed’ is located at …….. (a) Kottayam (b) Alappuzha (c) Palakkad (d) Trissur
173.Which one of the following periodicals was published by Mahatma Gandhi during his stay in South Africa ? (a) Afrikanes (b) Indian Opinion (c) India Gazette (d) Navjivan
174.Which one of the following is correct with to all theorists of social contact ? (a) Erasing the distinction between law and morality (b) The principle of separation of powers (c) Formation of public authority with social consent (d) belief in innate rights
175.The most significant Act which declared that the sovereignty of the British Empire in India was in the
hands of the British Crown was …………. (a) The Company’s Charter Act of 1833 (b) The Company’s Charter Act of 1853 (c) The Indian council Act of 1861 (d) The Indian council Act of 1892
176.The pioneer of Indian Renaissance was ……. (a) Swami Vivekananda (b) Swami Dayananda Saraswati (c) Dadabhai Nauraji (d) Raja Rammohan Roy
177.Bio-magnification means …… (a) Fast spreading of cancer cells in the body (b) Increasing the amount of pesticides in the organisms of successive trophic level (c) To see the microscopic parts of the body by microscope (d) Sudden increase in the number of the individuals of a species in a specific area.
178.What was the name of india’s first Legislature ? (a) Parliament (b) Union Parliament (c) Constituent Assembly (d) National Assembly
179.In first Lok Sabha, how many seats were ……… (a) 500 (b) 499 (c) 488 (d) 495
180.Which of the following statement about the energy in a quantum is true ? (a) Varies inversely with frequency (b) Varies directly with frequency (c) Same for all frequency (d) None of these
181.A definite amount of mechanical work is needed to produce a definite amount of heat and vice versa this given by: (a) First Law of thermodynamics (b) 2nd Law thermodynamics (c) Law of degradation of energy (d) Clausius statement
182.The temperature of two cups of coffee are 90 oC and 75oC . If the time taken for the first cup to cool from 90oC to 80oC is 15 minutes, then the time taken for the second cup to tool from 75oC to 65oC will be: (a) More than 15 minutes (b) 15 minutes (c) Less than 15 minutes (d) None of these
183.When India became the member of IMF, the initial par value of Indian Rupee was fixed at …… grams of gold (a) 0.26801 (b) 0.364 (c) 0.359 (d) 0.865
184.The longest highway in India runs from ……. (a) Kolkata to Jammu (b) Jammu to Kanyakumari (c) Ambala to Nagarcoil (d) Varanasi to Kanyakumari
185. Mangala-Bhagyam, Shakti and Aishwarya …….. (a) Are three schemes for upliftment of scheduled castes girls (b) Are oil fields discovered in Barmer-Sanchore basin. (c) Are three universities established in private sector. (d) Produce natural gas form Jaisalmer basin to supplay Ramgah power plant.
186.Zoos are examples for ………. (a) insitu conservation (b) Invivo conservation
(c) Exsitu conservation (d) Exvivo conservation
187.The word Tsunami is derived from two Japanese word. Identify the words (a) Tsu (big) and nami (flow) (b) Tsu (Harbor) and nami (wave) (c) Tsu (Big wave) and nami (vave) (d) Tsu (big) and nami (wave)
188. Average fo first five odd multiple of 3 is (a) 21 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 16
189.The middle terms of the following series 2 + 4 + 6 + …… + 198 is (a) 100 (b) 94 (c) 98 (d) 96
190.As salary is increased by 10% and then decreased by 10%. The change in salary is (a) 2% decrease (b) 1% increase (c) 0% (d) 1% decrease
191. If the circumcentre of triangle lies outside it, then the triangle is (a) Obtuse angled (b) Acute angled (c) Equilateral (d) Right angled
192.The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through (a) Nyanmar (b) India (c) Srilanka (d) Pakistan
193.The stage having largest area under waste land is (a) Tamilnadu (b) Rajasthan (c) Jammu Kashmir (d) West Bengal
194. Which country was the latest entrant of G-8? (a) Japan (b) Russia (c) France (d) Italy
195.In how many different ways can be letters of the word CREAM be arrnaged? (a) 504 (b) 240 (c) 720 (d) 360
196.Centre of the height is a term related to (a) Milling machine (b) Drill Machine (c) Shaping machine (d) Lathe machine
197. Which of the following is transducer? (a) Loudspearker (b) Headphone (c) Microphone (d) None of these
198. Which is book was authored by Krishna Deva Raya? (a) Karpoor Manjari (b) Amukta Malyad (c) Mitakshara (d) Rajtarangini
199.How far does the exclusive Economic Zone of a country extend from her coast? (a) 320km (b) 220 (c) 120km (d) 420km
200.Which of the following ensures grass-root democracy in India? (a) President (b) Inter State Council (c) Panchayati Raj (d) CAG

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