Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Kerala PSC || Job Profile, Promotion of Secretariat Assistant

Secretariat Assistant/ Auditor Exam Everything to know about

Kerala PSC has announced the Secretariat Assistant/ Auditor Exam (Category no. 57/2021) and many aspirants applied for the most awaited post.

Confirmation date for Secretariat Assistant Exam 2021

The confirmation to write the secretariat Assistant exam will start from 23, June 2021. The candidates can submit the confirmation for the secretariat assistant exam from 23/06/2021 to 12/07/2021.

The expected date of Secretariat Asssistant exam and other degree-level exams of 2021 will be in the month of September 2021.

The Kerala PSC degree level exams will be conducted in different dates as the number of candidates are more, and the final list will be made by normalisation of marks.

Kerala PSC brought the new rule that every exam will be conducted in two stages, both preliminary and mains exam. The same rule applies to the Kerala PSC degree level exams also.

The preliminary exam will be an OMR Exam , with a latest PSC degree level Exam syllabus.

Syllabus of Secretariat Assistant Exam 2021

The main Topics are

History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Science and Technology, Current Affairs, Arts, Sports and Culture, Indian constitution, English grammar, Malayalam grammar or Kannada or Tamil as a regional language, Quantitative Aptitude and Mental ability and reasoning.

The detailed syllabus of Secretariat Assistant Exam 2021 and Kerala PSC degree level exam syllabus can be downloaded HERE

There is a self study plan and strategy for secretariat assistant exam , you can read HERE.

Departments and offices where secretariat Assistant will be posted

As the name suggests, the assistant post is not only for the Secreariat, but also for other departments and offices as given below.

Assistants from this secretariat assistant exam list will be appointed in any of these offices like Government Secretariat, Public Service Commission, Local Fund Audit, Advocate General’s Office and Anti Corruption Bureau.

Post in Kerala Government Secretariat

Majority of vacancies are filled in the three wings of the Secretariat – Finance Department, Legislature, and General Administration of Secretariat.

So once a candidate enters in the rank list, he has 60% chance to get into Secretariat Service.

No need to be worried about this; other services are also equally attractive.

Job Profile, Promotion of Secretariat Assistant

The most attractive feature of Secretariat Assistant is its promotion scope, growth, authority and power.

The promotion hierarchy of the Secretariat Assistant is given as below:

  1. Assistant
  2. Section Officer
  3. Under Secretary
  4. Deputy Secretary
  5. Joint Secretary
  6. Additional Secretary
  7. Special Secretary


The first phase of the job, that is the Assistant is clerical in nature.

Section Officer

When one gets the first major promotion and becomes a section officer, he becomes a Gazetted Officer, a coveted Government position. Section Officer is a middle management job, well respected and acknowledged by all Government officials and department heads and politicians and the general public. Promotion from Section Officer to other levels is very significant and remarkable.

Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary

They are top level management positions.

At this level, the officials become not only decision-makers but also contribute greatly for the smooth and efficient administration of the state.

Additional Secretary & Special Secretary

Additional Secretary & Special Secretary are almost department heads.

Classes & Study Materials

You can visit My Notebook youtube channel for syllabus wise classes

35 days study plan for Kerala PSC degree level Exam can be downloaded HERE

Study planners for organizing effective study in printable format.

OMR sheets for practice download as printable PDF HERE

Books for secretariat Assistant exam can be purchased from My Notebook Store.

Previous Question Papers can be downloaded from

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