Special teacher syllabus Kerala PSC|Detailed Syllabus special Teacher

Special teacher syllabus Kerala PSC|Detailed Syllabus special Teacher

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Detailed syllabus is given below;

Kerala PSC Special Teacher Detailed Syllabus

Name of the post:-Special Teacher
Department :-home for mentally deficient children,Social Justice Department
Category number :-365/2017
Exam date :-01/04/2019 Monday

Kerala PSC Special Teacher Detailed Syllabus


Part I

Education –Philosophical Dimensions

•Educational Thinkers
•Major Educational
•Education-Sociological Dimensions
•Educational Technology
•Educational Evaluation
•Higher Education and Educational Research
•Environmental Education
•Educational Management, Curriculum Construction and Value Education
•Individual Differences
•Intellectual Development Disorder
•Mental Disorders
•Parenting children with various mental deficiencies
•Autism spectrum disorders
•Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
•Communication disorders

Part II

General Knowledge and Current Affairs&Renaissance in Kerala

Part I in Detail

Education –Philosophical Dimensions

Definitions of Education, Basic ideas of Naturalism , Humanism , Idealism, Realism and Pragmatism

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Educational Thinkers

Educational Ideas of Rousseau, Froebel, John Dewey , Abraham Maslow, Howard Gardner, Lev Vygotsky and Carl Rogers ,Educational Ideas of Gandhi, Tagore , Vivekananda and Jiddu Krishnamurti

Major Educational Commissions and Policies

Indian Education Commission (1964-1966) National Policy of Education 1986 The National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005)

Education-Sociological Dimensions

Formal , Informal and Non-formal education and Alternative Educational ideas of Everett Reimer, Role of Teacher as a Social Engineer-Social Change, social control and social cohesion ,Peace education and education for international understanding and national integration,Constitutionalvalues-Equality, justice and secularism inclusive education, Constitutional Provisions,MajorMovements in Child Rights in the World and India Contributions of UNO in Child Rights

Educational Technology

Software and Hardware Technology, Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience Flanders’ Interaction, analysis category systems (FIACS) Emerging Roles of the teacher in the digital era e-content development Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 , Cyber safety, cyber-crimes The changing roles of teachers in the Digital Era

Educational Evaluation

•Objective based evaluation, continuous and comprehensive evaluation, output based evaluation, evaluation based on rubrics and portfolio assessment, Grading system, Types of Grading,MajorTools and techniques of evaluation,Majorqualities of an evaluation tool-validity, reliability, practicability and objectivity,Achievementtest, diagnostic test and remedial education
Higher Education and Educational Research
•The challenges in Indian Higher Education,Typesof research in education, action research, the challenges in Indian educational research,QualitativeImprovement in Higher Education and Research

Environmental Education

•Biodiversity, Sustainable development, United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), Pollution and Global Warming,NatureConservation Movements in India,NatureConservation Movements in Kerala
Educational Management, Curriculum Construction and Value Education
•Functions of educational administration, management and supervision, Material resource management and Human resource management, Total quality management, Principles of curriculum construction, Value education and cultural lag

Individual Differences

Individual difference in growth and development; in learning; in personality,Multipleintelligence and Emotional Intelligence,ExceptionalChildren: Giftedness, children with special needs, Learning disability, ImpairementmInclusion, Exclusion, Mainstreaming, Segragation, legal and ethical considerations, RTE Act 2009, PWD Act 1995

Intellectual Development Disorder

Pre natal –Post natal conditions associated with Intellectual Disabilities Intellectual disabilities: Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, KlinefelterSyndrome, William’s Syndrome –Identification, Assessment and Role of School Psychologist Educational approaches –Classroom management, instructional Methods Educational Placement

Mental Disorders

Emotional/ behaviouraldisorders: conduct disorders, adjustment disorders, social Anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, Characteristics and diagnosis: screening tests –checklist, rating scale etc. Case study, Action research, Projective Tests –Children’s Apperception Test, Situational test, Word Test functional BehaviouralAssessment Implications, Interventions and the Role of Teachers and School Psychologists

Parenting children with various mental deficiencies

Parenting style
Parental involvement
Parenting stress
Role of parent in Education and Management of mentally deficient children

Autism spectrum disorders

Definition of ASD
Characteristics of children with ASD
Assessment and identification –CARS and other commonly used scales
Role of teacher in the management of autistic children –Academic intervention, Teaching social skills, classroom management

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Definition of ADHD
Characteristics of children with ADHD
Assessment of ADHD –Conner’s Rating Scale
Role of teacher in the behaviourmanagement of ADHD
Psycho educating the parent

Communication disorders

Definition, Language disorder, Speech sound disorder, Stuttering, Social pragmatic communication disorder, Characteristics of children with communication disorders
Assessment and Identification, Role of teacher in Education and Management of children with communication disorders

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Specific learning disorder

Definition,Characteristics of SLD, Assessment and Identification ,Role of teacher in Education and Management of children with, Sld sensory and physical impairment
Assesssment approaches to visual impairment and hearing impairment
Implication of sensory and physical impairment in school setting
Role of teacher in Education and Management of children with sensory and physical impairment

Legal and ethical considerations

Current national and state policies, laws, acts and bills affecting mentally deficient children Ethical considerations in dealing with mentally deficient children



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Part II

General Knowledge and Current Affairs&Renaissance in Kerala

Salient Features of Indian Constitution

Salient features of the Constitution –Preamble-Its significance and its place in the interpretation of the Constitution.
Fundamental Rights –Directive Principles of State Policy –Relation between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles –Fundamental Duties.
Executive –Legislature –Judiciary –Both at Union and State Level. –Other Constitutional Authorities.
Centre-State Relations –Legislative –Administrative and Financial.
Services under the Union and the States.
Emergency Provisions.
Amendment Provisions of the Constitution.

Social Welfare Legislations and Programmes

Social Service Legislations like Right to Information Act, Prevention of atrocities against Women & Children, Food Security Act, Environmental Acts etc. and Social Welfare Programmeslike Employment Guarantee Programme, Organ and Blood Donation etc.


Towards A New Society
Introduction to English education –various missionary organisationsand their functioning-founding of educational institutions, factories.printingpress etc.
Efforts To Reform The Society

(A) Socio-Religious reform Movements

SNDP Yogam, Nair Service Society, YogakshemaSabha, Sadhu Jana ParipalanaSangham, VaalaSamudayaParishkaraniSabha, SamathwaSamajam, Islam Dharma ParipalanaSangham, PrathyakshaRakshaDaivaSabha, SahodaraPrasthanam etc.

(B) Struggles and Social Revolts

Upper cloth revolts.Channaragitation, VaikomSathyagraha, GuruvayoorSathyagraha, PaliyamSathyagraha. KuttamkulamSathyagraha, Temple Entry Proclamation, Temple Entry Act .MalyaleeMemorial, EzhavaMemorial etc. Malabar riots, Civil Disobedience Movement, Abstention movement etc.

Role Of Press In Renaissance

Malayalee, Swadeshabhimani, Vivekodayam, Mithavadi, Swaraj, MalayalaManorama, Bhashaposhini, Mathnubhoomi, Kerala Kaumudi, Samadarsi, Kesari, AI-Ameen, Prabhatham, Yukthivadi, etc

Awakening Through Literature

Novel, Drama, Poetry,PurogamanaSahithyaPrasthanam, NatakaPrashtanam, Library movement etc

Women And Social Change

ParvathiNenmenimangalam, Arya Pallam, A V KuttimaluAmma, LalithaPrabhu.AkkammaCheriyan, Anna Chandi, LalithambikaAntharjanamand others

Leaders Of Renaissance

ThycaudAyyaVaikundar, SreeNarayanaGuru, AyyanKali.ChattampiSwamikal, BrahmanandaSivayogi, Vagbhadananda, PoikayilYohannan(Kumara Guru) DrPalpu, PalakkunnathAbraham Malpan, MampuramThangal, SahodaranAyyappan, PanditK P Karuppan, PampadiJohn Joseph, MannathuPadmanabhan, V T Bhattathirippad, VakkomAbdul KhadarMaulavi, MakthiThangal, Blessed Elias KuriakoseChaavra, Barrister G P Pillai, TK Madhavan, MoorkothKumaran, C. Krishnan, K P KesavaMenon, Dr.AyyathanGopalan, C V Kunjuraman, KuroorNeelakantanNamboothiripad,VelukkuttyArayan, K P Vellon, P K ChathanMaster, K Kelappan, P. Krishna Pillai, A K Gopalan, T R KrishnaswamiIyer, C Kesavan. Swami AnandaTheerthan, M C Joseph, KuttippuzhaKrishnapillaiand others

Literary Figures

KodungallurKunhikkuttanThampuran, KeralaVarmaValiyakoyiThampuran, KandathilVarghese Mappila. KumaranAsan, VallatholNarayanaMenon, UlloorS ParameswaraIyer, G SankaraKurup, ChangampuzhaKrishna Pillai, ChanduMenon, VaikomMuhammad Basheer. KesavDev, ThakazhiSivasankaraPillai, PonkunnamVarky, S K Pottakkadand others

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