States of India- GOA

States of India- GOA


Formed on – May 30,1987
Capital – Panaji
Major Languages – Konkini,Marathi
High Court – Mumbai
Official animal – Bison
Official bird – Black crested,Bulbul
State flower – Not declared
Official dance – Talgadi, Goff
Major Festival – GaneshChaturthi,Diwali,Christmas,Sao Jao
Smallest state in India
Ans : Goa
Porvorim is the Legislative capital of
Ans : Goa
The Indian state with lowest coast line
Ans : Goa
Indian State known as Paradise of the East
Ans : Goa
Indian State known as Land of Emerald
Ans : Goa
Indian State known as Tourist paradise of India
Ans : Goa
In puranas, Gomanta, Goapuri, Gomachalam were the name of
Ans : Goa
The only Indian state having Uniform civil code
Ans : Goa
The first state in India to use electronic voting machines in all constituencies in a general election
Ans : Goa
First state to establish post offices in its entire villages
Ans : Goa
First state to use e-mail facilities in Govt. offices
Ans : Goa
Asia’s only Naval. Aviation Museum is situated in
Ans : Goa
Last Indian state, which was liberated from a foreign domination
Ans : Goa
The region which was under Colonial rule for the longest period
Ans : Goa
Kunjali Marakkar IV was killed by Portuguese in
Ans : Goa
First state to launch Health Insurance policy to all its people
Ans : Goa
The least number of people under poverty line in India
Ans : Goa
Mandovi and Zuari are the major rivers of
Ans : Goa
Vascoda Gama city is located in
Ans : Goa
St. Cathedral, one of the largest Churches in Asia is situated in
Ans : Goa
Cashew feni is the popular alcoholic beverage of
Ans : Goa
Indian State with highest percentage of urban population
Ans : Goa
First State in India to start Sky Bus
Ans : Goa
Indian State having the least number of Districts
Ans : Goa
First state to report the disease ‘SARS’ in India
Ans : Goa
First place in India to install a printing press
Ans : Goa
Smallest state in India to extend Western Ghat and Konkan route
Ans : Goa
The place which was recorded as Shauba in the book of Ptolemy
Ans : Goa
The state in which the act of Portuguese Inquisition was existing
Ans : Goa


Ganesh Chaturthi
(Konkani: Chavoth),
Diwali, Christmas
(Konkani: Natalam), Easter .
(Konkani: Paskanchem Fest),
Samvatsar Padvo or Sanvsar
Padvo, Shigmo, Goa Carnival,
(Konkani: lntruz) Sao 3ao


Bhandap, Dasarawadan, Dekhni, Dhalo Dhangar Dance, Fugadi, Gauda jagar, Goff, Ghode Modni, Hanpeth, Kunbi dance, Lamp Dance, Mando, Morullem, Musal Dance, Ranmale, Romat or Mell, Suvari, Talgadi, Tonya Mel, Virabhadra

The major seaport of Goa
Ans : Mormugoa
The place known as iron port of India
Ans : Mormugoa
Commercial capital of Goa
Ans : Mormugoa
Major industry of Goa
Ans : Tourism
Longest beach in Goa
Ans : Colva beach
Highest peak in Goa
Ans : Sonsogor
Vascoda Gama city is on the banks of river
Ans : Zuari
Largest city in Goa
Ans : Vasco da Gama
National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) is at
Ans : Vasco da Gama
The institute of India which controls the research works in Arctic and Antarctic regions
The Church in Goa which was included in the World Heritage List
Ans : Basilica of Bom Jesus
Famous waterfall in Mandovi River in Goa
Ans : Dhoot Sagar water falls
The river which separates Goa from Maharashtra
Ans : Terekhol River
The river which flows around Panaji
Ans : Mandovi
The river known as Life line of Goa
Ans : Mandovi
Mormugoa is situated on the banks of rivers
Ans : Mandovi and Zuari
Chopra and Betul are the rivers which flow through
Ans : Goa
Kharavelan waterfalls is located in the river
Ans : Mandovi
The Portuguese captured Goa from the the Bijapur Sultan, Adil Sha in
Ans : 1510
The year in which the first Printing Press was established in India
Ans : 1556
The Pinto revolt in Goa was held in
Ans : 1787
The year in which the capital of Goa was shifted to, Panaji from Velha
Ans : 1843
Goa was declared the Union Territory in
Ans : 1961
Goa got statehood in
Ans : 1987
The Church of Goa which holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier
Ans : Basilica of Bom Jesus
The church in Goa which is built on the model of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome
Ans : Church of St. Cajetan
The place where INS Hansa, an Indian Naval Air Station is located at
Ans : Dhabolim
The movie which portrays the Goa Liberation
Ans : Saat Hindustani
First film of Amitabh Bachchan
Ans : Saat Hindustani
The Malayalam film actor who acted in Saat Hindustani
Ans : Madhu
Salim Ali bird Sanctuary is situated in
Ans : Chorao island in Mandovi river
Number of districts in Goa
Ans : Two (North Goa & South Goa)
Goa got Independence from Portuguese on
Ans : December 19,1961
Goa liberation day is observed on
Ans : December 19
Goa day
Ans : May 30


Panjim is the local name of
Ans : Panaji
Panaji is situated on the banks of the river
Ans : Mandovi
Panaji is the permanent venue of
Ans : International Film Festival of India (IFFI)
National Institute of Oceanography is situated at
Ans : Panaji
National Institute of water sports is situated at
Ans : Panaji
National Naval Aviation Museum is in
Ans : Panaji
The Pincode of Panaji is
Ans : 403001
The Pincode of Dakshina Gangothri is same as
Ans : Panaji
The Goa postal Division having jurisdiction outside India
Ans : Dakshina Gangothri

Operation Vijay

The military operation of India (December 1961) that led to the capture of Goa, Daman and Diu and Anjedivo Islands
Ans : Operation Vijay
The Defence Minister at the time of Goa liberation
Ans : V.K. Krishna Menon
The person who called Goa liberation as Police action
Ans : V.K. Krishna Menon
The Malayan Major who led the Operation
Ans : Gen.k.p.Kandeth


Bhagwan Mahavir (Mollem) Wildlife Sanctuary
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary
Madei Wildlife Sanctuary
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
The National Park which is known in the name of Vardhamana Mahavira
Ans : Bhagwan Mahavir (Mollem) Wildlife Sanctuary
Goan Gandhi
Ans : Mohan Ranade
Father of Goan Nationalism
Ans : Tristao de Braganza Cunha
First woman Chief Minister in South India
Ans : Sasikala Kakodkar
First woman Chief Minister of Goa and Daman & Diu
Ans : Sasikala Kakodkar
The person who led the Portuguese rule in Goa
Ans : Albuquerque
The person who led a revolt against Portuguese in Mormugo
Ans : Ram Manohar Lohia
The person who is known as Liberator of Goa
Ans : Francois Martin
Last Portuguese Viceroy of Goa
Ans : Manuel Antonio Vassalo E Silva
The woman Chief Minister who is known as Amma
Ans : Jayalalitha
The woman Chief Minister who is known as Tai
Ans : Sasikala Kakodkar


Arvalam Falls
Dudhsar Falls
Kuskern Falls
Tamdi Surla Falls
Kesarval Falls

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