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ICDS Supervisor Previous Questions mcq 3

ICDS Supervisor Previous Questions MCQ set 3: 20 MCQ Questions are added which were very asked for ICDS Supervisor Exam. Kerala PSC and other state PSC’s are conducting Exams for ICDS Supervisor. 37.The gas which leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy, the worst industrial accident?A.Carbon monoxideB.Sulphur oxideC.Methyl isocynateD.Carbon dioxideAns:C 38…………………….is responsible for cholera.A.VirusB.FungusC.BacteriaD.RoundwormAns:C C.14D.20Ans:C

ICDS Supervisor Syllabus Kerala PSC|ICDSSupervisor Detailed Syllabus Download pdf

ICDS Supervisor Kerala PSC Detailed Syllabus Download pdf I.C.D.S. SUPERVISOR  –  SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT Syllabus:  1.Physiology and Micro biology Digestive system, Cardio Vascular System and Reproductive system. FoodMicrobiology, food poisoning, food spoilage, food born infection, Diseases caused byMicro organism (a) Bacterial Pneumonia, Meningitis, Cholera, Syphilis, Diphtheria,Leprosy (b) Virus – AIDS, Rabies, German measles, Measles, mumps, … Read more

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