University Assistant previous questions General Science

University Assistant previous questions General Science General Science through 30 Previous year questions Which of the following units is usually used to denote intensity of pollution? a)Milligrams b)Nanograms c)Parts per million….. d)Kilogram Pressure –pascal Electric charge –coloumb Electric current –Ampere Resistance-Ohm Sound-Decibel Capacitance- Farad Luminous intensity-candela Magnetic Flux density- Tesla Nitrogen fixing bacteria lives in … Read more

Human Eye- Important facts and Eye disorders

Human Eye *Eyes help to see the objects*Eyes are situated inside a body cavity of the skull calledAns : Orbits*Study of eye and eye diseasesAns : Ophthalmology*There are three layers present in the eye ballAns : Sclera, Choroid, Retina*The transparent front portion of sclera is known asAns : Cornea*The middle layer of eye, nourishes oxygen … Read more

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