University Assistant exam Coaching Indian Railways Notes


University Assistant exam Coaching Indian Railways Notes


Father of Indian railway
Ans : Lord Dalhousie
The first railway service in India was started on
Ans : April 16, 1853
First Railway line in India
Ans : Bombay – Thane
First railway service in South India was started on
Ans : July 1,1856
Nationalisation of Indian railway was in
Ans : 1951
The biggest public sector undertaking and the largest single employer in India
Ans : Indian Railway
The position of Indian railway network in the world
Ans : 4th place
The position of Indian railway network in Asia
Ans : 2nd place
Mascot of Indian railway
Ans : Bholu
Highest railway station in India
Ans : Ghum, Darjeeling
Fastest train in India
Ans : Gatiman Express (New Delhi – Agra 160 km/hr)
First super fast train in India
Ans : Delhi – Howrah Rajadhani (1969)
Fastest train in India on trial phase
Ans : Talgo Express (180 km/hr)
Trial route of Talgo Express
Ans : Delhi – Mumbai
Second fastest train in India
Ans : Shatabdi Express (New Delhi -Bhopal)
Slowest train in India
Ans : Nilgiri Mountain train (10.42km/hr)
First elevated Railway
Ans : Chennai Beach – Chepauk (1995)
First fully air conditioned train
Ans : Rajadhani Express (1990; Mumbai – Delhi)
Railway known as ‘Toy train’
Ans : Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Longest railway platform
Ans : Gorakhpur (UP 1366.33m)
Second longest railway platform
Ans : Kollam
Third longest railway platform
Ans : Kharakpur (Bengal)
First narrow gauge railway in India
Ans : Baroda State Railway (1862)
First railway bridge in India
Ans : Thane creek (1854)
First railway Minister
Ans : John Mathai (From Kerala)
Second Malayalee Railway Minister
Ans : Panambill Govindamenon

Southern                 Chennai                            1951
Western  gate          Mumbai Church                  1951
North -East                 Maligaon                        1951
Frontier                  (Guwahati)
North eastern          Gorakhpur                          1952
Northern                  New Delhi                         1952
Eastern                  Kolkata                             1955
South Eastern      Kolkata                                 1966
South Central      Secunderabad                        2002
East Central        Hajipur                                  2002
Northwestern       Jaipur                                   2003
East Coast         Bhubaneswar                          2003
North Central    Allahabad                                 2003
Southwestern    Hubli                                       2003
West Central      Jabalpur                                  2003
South East        Bilaspur                                   2003
Kolkata Metro      Kolkata                                   2010


From Jodhpur (Rajasthan) to
Karachi (Pakistan)
Thar Express stopped its service in
Thar Express resumed its service on
February 18, 2006 SAMJHOTA EXPRESS
From Attari (India) to
Waga (Pakistan)
From Kolkata (India) to
Dhaka (Bangladesh)


World’s oldest train in regular operation
Ans : Fairy Queen
Fairy Queen is running between
Ans : New Delhi – Alwa
Luxury tourist train in Rajasthan
Ans : Palace on wheels
Train connects tourist places of Maharashtra and Goa
Ans : Deccan Odyssey
Train connects tourist places of Karnataka
Ans : Golden Chariot
Train connects tourist centres of Gujarat and Rajasthan
Ans : Royal Orient Train
Train that conducts service to Buddhist monasteries
Ans : Mahaparinirvan special train
Train which connects places of historical and educational importance
Ans : Janambhumi Gaurav Express
The tourist train operated through the joint venture of Rajasthan tourism department and the Indian Railway
Ans : Heritage on wheels
First double decker train
Ans : Flying Rani
(Mumbai Central – Surat, 2005)
First electrified railway line in India
Ans : Bombay – Kurla (1925)
First electric train started in
Ans : 1925
First woman Loco pilot in India
Ans : Surekha Bhonsle (1990)
First woman Station Master
Ans : Rinku Sinha Roy.
India’s longest railway tunnel
Ans : Pirpanjal tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)
Train connects state capitals with other cities
Ans : Rajya Rani express
Non stop super fast train started in 2009
Ans : Duronto Express
Indian Railway Museum
Ans : Chanakyapuri (1977; New Delhi)


Diesel locomotive Works
Ans : Varanasi (UP)
Chittaranjan locomotive Works
Ans : Bengal
Integral Coach Factory
Ans : Perambur (Tamilnadu)
Rail Coach Factory
Ans : Kapurthala (Punjab)
Wheel and Axle factory
Ans : Yelahanka (Karnataka)
Diesel – Loco modernisation Works
Ans : Patiala (Punjab)
The Train which covers the longest distance in a state
Ans : Maharastra Express (Kolhapur—Gondiya 1347Km)
The Train which covers the longest distance in India
Ans : Vivek Express (Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari)
The Indian state in which Railway service was introduced lastly
Ans : Meghalaya (2014)
The foundation stone for construction of a new railway line from Rangpo to Sevoke was laid down in 2009. It is in the state of
Ans : Sikkim
Train passing through most number of states in India
Ans : Navyug Express
The train service started to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda
Ans : Vivek Express
Oldest railway station in India
Ans : Mumbai CST
The Train started in memory of Rabindranath Tagore
Ans : Kavi Guru Express
Drinking water supply program by Indian railway
Ans : Rail Neer
Special train jointly introduced by Ministry of Railway and the Ministry of Science and Technology
Ans : Vijnan Train
Rail credit card was started in
Ans : 1999
World’s first hospital train
Ans : Life line Express
AIDS/HIV awareness campaign train
Ans : Red ribbon express
Computer Reservation System of Railway was started at
Ans : New Delhi (1986)
Internet train reservation was started in
Ans : 2002
Another name of Bengaluru metro
Ans : Namma Metro (October 20,2011)
Kolkata metro was started in
Ans : October 24,1984


Konkan railway connects
Ans : Roha (Maharastra)-Thokur (Karnataka)
The length of Konkan Railway
Ans : 760 km
Konkan railway corporation was started on
Ans : July 19,1990
First Chairman of Konkan Railway Corporation
Ans : E. Sreedharan
Konkan railway was inaugurated by
Ans : A.B. Vajpayee
Konkan railway was opened on
Ans : January 26,1998
The first train on the completed track of Konkan was flagged off on
Ans : January 26,1998
Headquarters of Konkan railway
Ans : Belapur Bhavan (Navi Mumbai)
Tourism train runs through Konkan
Ans : Deccan Odyssey
Longest tunnel in Konkan Railway
Ans : Karbude Tunnel


Chief Architect of Konkan Railway
Principal Advisor of Kochi Rail Corporation
Chief Architect of Delhi Metro Project
Metro man of India
Supervisor of the reconstruction of Pamban Bridge
Appointed the member of United Nations Highlevel Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport
Northern most railway station of India
Ans : Baramulla (Jammu&Kashmir)
Southern most railway station of India
Ans : Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu)
Western  most railway Station of India
Ans : Naliya (Gujarat)
Eastern most railway station of India
Ans : Ledo (Assam)

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