Expected questions on FACTS ABOUT KERALA Set 5

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Question :1

•Which is the second Hydroelectric project in Kerala:
Chenkulam ,1954
o1st : Pallivasal of Idduki District
oin 1900 by Kannan Devan Company
o The pallivasal project was commissioned in 1940
onow located at Muthirapuzha of Periyar tributary
o After the usage of water from pallivasal project, it is directed to merge with muthirapuzha water. From this water, chenkulam hydro project is established for the generation of electricity

Question :2

•Which river flows through Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary?
–Chinnar: Indian star tortoise

Question :3

•Maniyar, Azhuthayar, Achankovil river, Kakkiyar are tributaries of

Question :4

•Which river was also called ‘Kapila’ in ancient times?

Question :5

•Which river flows around kasargod town in ‘U’ Shape?
–Another name : Payaswini
–biggest river in Kasaragod district
–Chandragiri fort is on the river

Question :6

•What is the number of National parks in Kerala

Question :7

1.Anamudi Shola National Park
2.Eravikulam National Park
3.Karimpuzha National Park
4.Mathikettan Shola National Park
5.Pampadum Shola National Park
6.Periyar National Park
7.Silent Valley National Park

Question :7

•Kerala Highway research institute is located in:

Question :8

•What is “ Gateway of Kerala”?

Question :9

•In which year the act of Irrigation & water management was passed?

Question :10

•The major portion of Western Ghats is in ?


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