General science Quiz 2 by My Notebook


General science Quiz 2

Hi friends, in this post I have came with 10 general science questions.All of you please attend the quiz and  give me the feedback in the comment section.thank get notifications of new posts, you can subscribe to this website.


#1. pH of water is..

#2. Which is known as “Blue Planet”?

#3. Pencil is made from

#4. Which part of the brain is mainly affected by alcohol?

#5. Which water is more pure?

#6. The pulmonary circulation in man starts from?

#7. The scientific name of lion?

#8. Red Ribbon club is associated with

#9. Which plant hormone helps in the ripening of fruits?

#10. Which was the first discovered particle of an atom?


#11. When an acid reacts with a metal, which one of the following gas is usually liberated?

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