Renaissance Leaders of Kerala -Brahmananda Sivayogi

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Hi friends, In this post, I want to give a short notes on Brahmanada Sivayogi– one of the famous renaissance leaders of Kerala.

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  Brahamananda Sivayogi (1852-1929)

  • Birth place- Chittur (Palakkadu)
  • Born on- 26th August 1852
  • Father- Kunjikrishna Menon
  • Mother – Naniyamma
  • Spouse-Yogini Devi(thavukkutti Amma)
  • Real name Karat Govinda Menon
  • Founder of;
    • Sidhashramam at Alathur (Palakkadu)
    • Ananda Maha Sabha(1918)
    • Ananthamatham(religion of bliss)
  • Propounder of – Anandadarshanam
  • Famous discipleVagbhatanandan
  • Also known as-
    • Swami of Alathur,
    • Guru of Atheistis’
  • Opposed:
    • idol worship,
    • religion,caste system,
  • and promoted women education and prohibition of liquor
  • Sthree Vidya poshini (1899)- book for spreading the awareness of education among women
  • Yogini Devi continued the publication “Sthree Vidya poshini “ after his death

Major Works of Brahamananda Sivayogi

  1. Anandakummi
  2. Jnanakummi
  3. Sivayogarahasyam
  4. Sidhanubhuti(1903)
  5. Mokshapradeepam(1905)
  6. Ananda kalpadhrumam
  7. Ananddarshanam
  8. Ananada Vimanam
  9. Vigraharadhana Khandanam
  10. Ananda matha Parsyam
  11. Ananda Sopanam
  12. Rajayoga Parasyam
  13. The Monthly published by Brhamananda Sivayogi- Saragrahi
  14. First poem- Kootalloor Bhagavti Sthuthi
  15. Biography
    1. “Asathyathil Ninnu Sathyathilekku”
    2. Written by- K. Bheeman Nair

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