General science quiz 3

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There are 15 questions on General Science. Please share the quiz after you have attempted.


#1. Saponification is associated with the forming of:

#2. Vinegar contains —— percent of acetic acid

#3. Lux is the unit of :

#4. Athlete’s foot is caused by;

#5. the average amount of water in an adult human is ——-

#6. The noble gases are:

#7. What is the percentage of Gold in 18 c gold

#8. A primary alcohol on oxidation gives:

#9. Iodine with starch gives the color:

#10. The vitamin which is not found in vegetables &fruits:

#11. Hair grows about —– mm a day

#12. Who discovered Insulin?

#13. Enegy is stored in the liver and muscles in the form of ….

#14. The only rock that floats on water is….

#15. Bufonophobia is the fear of:

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