Kerala administrative Service Exam Books|booklist to prepare for KAS| Books for civil service examination

Kerala administrative Service Exam Books|booklist to prepare for KAS|Books for civil service examination

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In this post I want to share with you the Kerala administrative Service Exam Books/ booklist to prepare for KAS. I have gone through a bit reserach and made this consolidated list of books for KAS preparation.( you can find pdf and buy here)

Download Latest Syllabus of Kerala Administrative Services KAS 

As you all aware about the possible syllabus for KAS, there is a vast syllabus we need to cover. And, it is important that we choose the correct resources, whether it will be the text books, online materials, or mock tests.

The effective preparation is possible only if we limit the number of resources for the same subject, and do multiple revisions of the chosen materials. Revision is the key to Success. You can read the post on how to revise effectively here. You can also watch the video here.

So, Coming back to the booklist to prepare for KAS. /Books for civil service examination

  1. Resources to prepare for current affairs

It is very important to have the awareness of state wide, National and international events happening around. The current affairs of national and international importance is an important topic in Paper 1 for the preliminary exam.

Make the habit of reading Newspapers. Read relevant things that can be useful for KAS exam.  Avoid things which of entertainment purpose only. Reading editorials and making short notes out of it is a must, Cultivate the art of note making from newspaper articles. I will write a post on how to make notes from Newspaper/ How to read News paper effectively. To get the notification, you can subscribe to this blog.

For the effective cost benefit ratio, my suggestion is to read ” The Hindu” News paper. By ‘effective cost benefit ratio’ I mean , how much we will get which is useful out of it is more in “The Hindu” than any other News paper.

Most of us find it a bit uncomfortable with the language and vocabulary of “The Hindu”. But, I suggest you to start and continue with the same; as the time passes, you will be more comfortable and will take less time to read the relevant stuff within short time.

” The Indian Express” is also good , but 80-90 % of aspirants prefer ” The Hindu”. actualy, in Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC, the questions are directly asked from the editorials of ” The Hindu”.

2. Books for Preparing History of India for KAS

History of India is another important topic in Paper 1 in the preliminary exam, as well as in main exam. The emphasis shall be on the broad general understanding of Indian history, in its social, economic and political aspects with a focus on Indian National Movement with special emphasis on Kerala History.

The Indian history can be categorized in to three;

NCERT text books are the best sources for covering the topics in Indian history. You can download the pdf books from here. The NCERT text books from class 6 to 12 is useful. But, text books of classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12 th are very important.

you can also buy the text books from here. It will not cost much.

But, my suggestion is to follow Tamil Nadu state History books for 11th and 12th class. They are very good to study things in chronological order. ie, in the order of the year. The explanation is also very good. you can download the pdf’s from here. you can also buy it at a discount from here also.

For Kerala history, ” Kerala Charitram” by         is good. You can buy it here.

3. books for Preparing Geography for KAS

Again, NCERT text books are the best for studying Geography. expecially, 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th NCERTs. These are covering all the basics you need to know. you can download the pdf’s from here. You can buy it from here.

when you are studying Geography, an Atlas is a must. You need to understand physical location of each places, important rivers, mountains etc. you can buy Oxford atlas or Orient Black Swan atlas.

[easyazon_link identifier=”019946071X” locale=”IN” nw=”y”]Oxford School Atlas: India’s Most Trusted Atlas[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_link identifier=”9352872002″ locale=”IN” nw=”y”]The Orient BlackSwan Atlas for Competitive Exams[/easyazon_link]

On the foundation made by NCERT books, the rest can be made strong by the book Certificate Physical And Human Geography” by G C Leong. The last 11 chapters are must study. It is a very useful book for covering the Geography including the World Geography.You can  download the pdf from here. you can also buy it here.

[easyazon_link identifier=”0195628160″ locale=”IN” nw=”y”]Certificate Physics And Human Geography; Indian Edition[/easyazon_link]

For Kerala Geography, I will suggest a good book later. There is not a single book as of now. you can refer any good rank file for PSC preparation.

4.  Book for preparing Indian polity for KAS

As far as Polity is concerned for any competitive exam, there is one book which is suggested by every toppers, teachers and accepted universally. It is none another than ” Indian Polity” by Laxmi Kanth.

For Polity, you need to only study Laxmikanth’s book for Indian polity. You can buy it here. It’s online price is much low as compared to that in bookshops. You can get the pdf here.

5. Book for Preparing Indian Economy for KAS

For studying economy. NCERT 11th and 12th text books are good. But you can refere to Sankar IAS notes on Economy, or Indian economy by Sanjiv Verma, or Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. You can buy the books here.

My suggestion is to study Indian economy by Sanjiv Verma. You can use ‘Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh’ for reference purpose as well.

6. Book for preparing Environment for KAS

The best book I felt and suggested by many toppers is “Environment” by Sankar IAS. You can buy it here.[easyazon_link identifier=”B00Q6Q5WHS” locale=”IN” nw=”y”]Environment[/easyazon_link]

also the last 4 chapters in NCERT biology text books of Class 12 covers some important topics.

7. Books for preparing Science and Technology.

You need to have the current affairs related to all  these topics , and also in the Science. There is no need of a single book for the Science and technology section, as the weight age will not be much compared to other topics.

Download / buy books for KAS

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As for now,  These are the books to start the preparation. I will come up with more preparation tips and strategies. you can subscribe to my blog for new updates. you can also subscribe to my you tube channel.

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you can download the pdf of all study materials here

You can watch the video lessons from here

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