History MCQ 1

[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]1. ______ is the earliest of four Vedas.
a) Rig Veda
b) Yajur Veda
c) Sam Veda
d) Athervana Veda

2. The oldest Brahmanic literature is_____.
a) Aranyak
b) Upanishad
c) Smriti
d) Veda

3. Which of the following pair is matching one?
a) Taranath – Mahavamsh
b) Fa-hein – Rehla
c) Alberuni – Kitab-ul-hind
d) Bihan – Rajatarangini

4. Which of the following works of Kalidas gives information about history of
Sunga dynasty?
a) Maghdoot
b) Abhigyanshakuntalam
c) Kumarsambhav
d) Malvikagnimitram

5. Who has Written the Famous work “ Historica ”?
a) Shylak
b) Justin
c) Herodotus
d) Arrian

6. Which veda has 10 mandal 1028 Sakta and 10,580 Richas?
a) Rig Veda
b) Yajur Veda
c) Sam Veda
d) Athervana Veda

7. Which is the rich source of information about Gupta age?
a) Develsmriti
b) Manusmriti
c) Naradsmriti
d) Arthashatra

8. The author of “Natural History is________.
a) Herodotus
b) Aristrobulus
c) Arrion
d) None of the above

9.’Indica’a reliable source for the history of Chandragupta Maurya was written
a) Shylak
b) Seleucus
c) Megasthanes
d) Plutarch

10. Which Veda is lyrical composition?
a) Rig Veda
b) Yajur Veda
c) Sam Veda
d) Athervana Veda

11).Tripitakas were written______.
a) Before Gautam Buddha
b) During Buddha’s lifetime
c) After Buddha’s death
d) Both b) and c)

12). Manu Smriti is standard work written during______.
a) Sunga age
b) Mauryan Age
c) Gupta age
d) Later vedic period

13).Of the following Chinese travelers who did not visit india in the 7th Century A.D. ?
a) Fa-hien
b) Yuan-Chwang
c) Itsing
d) None of the above
14).Where is the prehistoric grain producing site of Mehrgarh located?
a) On the bak of Ghaggar
b) In eastern Rann of kutch
c) On the edge of bolan river
d) In Western Baluchistan

15). Sixteen Mahajanapadas are referred to in_________.
a) Anguttat Nikay
b) Khuddak Nikay
c) Sanyukta Nikay
d) Deegh Nikay

16).Greek invesion of North India is described in_______.
a) Milindapanho
b) Gargisamhita
c) Gaudvaho
d) Harshacharit
17).Who authored ‘Rajtarangini’ the famous history of kashmir ?
a) Bilhan
b) kalhan
c) Jaganik
d) Atharvana veda

18).Kathak, Kapisthak, maitrayani, Taittriya and Vajsaneyi are the branches of _____.
a) Rig Veda
b) Yajur Veda
c) Sama Veda
d) Atharvana Veda

19). An account of Gupta emperors from Buddhist angle is given_____.
a) Nandi Sutra
b) MOOL Sutra
c) Chhed Sutra
d) Arya Manjushri Moolkalpa

20).Who has written about India at the time of Mahmud’s invasion?
a) Taranath
b) Sulaiman
c) Alberuni
d) Ibnbatuta

21).’Acharang Sutra’ describes _____.
a) Sermons of Gautam Buddha
b) Code of conduct for Buddhiest monks
c) Sermons of Lord Mahavir
d) Code of conduct for Jain monks

22).Khuddak Nikay belongs to______.
a) Vinay Pitak
b) Sulta Pitak
c) Abhidharmrna Pitak
d) Jatak

23).Which work provider detail information about political, social and family life in
later vedic period?
a) Upanishads
b) Brahman
c) Atharvana veda
d) All the three mentioned

24).In ‘ Bhadrabahu charit ‘ are described the event of regime of _______.
a) Bimbisara
b) Chandragupta Maurya
c) Bindusara
d) Ashoka

25).Coins are the most important source for the history of______.
a) Mauryas
b) Indo-Greek rulers
c) Satvahans
d) cholas

26).Atharvana veda has as its Brahman Book____.
a) Aiterya
b) Satpath
c) Panchvimsh
d) Gopath

27).The area under Harappan Civilisation was _______.
a) Circular
b) Rectangular
c) Square
d) Triangular

28).The Indus people imported lead from____.
a) Saurashtra
b) Maharashtra
c) South India
d) Central Asia

29).Which Harappan site is not found in Gujarat?
a) Dhaulvira
b) Lothal
c) Sockhoh
d) Sutkagendor

30).The Great public bath at Mohenjodaro has dimentions of _____.
a) 39’ x 23’ x 9’
b) 38 x 23’ x 8’
c) 39 x 23’ x 8’
d) 38’ x 23’ x 9’

31).Which is the first Harappan site to be excavated?
a) Harappa
b) Mohenjodaro
c) Chanhudaro
d) Sutkagendor
32).The Harappan people worshiped which God?
a) Indra
b) Vishnu
c) Lord-Shiva
d) Varuna
33).Which of the following statements is not correct?
a) Harappan people worshiped mother Goddess
b) Harappan people worshiped proto Shiva
c) Harappan people worshiped ‘Peepal’ tree
d) Harappan people did not worship animal
34).Evidence of more than one dead being buried together is found from_____.
a) Harappa
b) Mohenjodaro
c) Lothal
d) Ropar
35).The credit for Harappa excavation goes to _____.
a) D.R. Sahni
b) R.D. Banerji
c) N.G. Mazumdar
d) O. Stein
36).The Indus people did not have trade relations with_______.
a) Iraq
b) Central Asia
c) Afganistan
d) China
37).which Harappan site is situated in Rajasthan?
a) Rangpur
b) Rakhigarhi
c) Kalibangan
d) Bankwali
38).Harappan site of Banwali is situated in_______.
a) Western U.P
b) Eastern U.P
c) Rajasthan
d) Haryana
39).Which metal was not known to Harappan people?
a) Gold and Silver
b) Tin
c) Iron
d) Copper
40).Which Harappan sites are situated on bank of river sindhu?
a) Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Chanhudaro
b) Kotdiji, Harappa, Mohenjodaro
c) Mohenjodaro, Chanhudaro, Kotdiji
d) Chanhudaro, Kotdiji, Harappa

41).Button size seals of Harappan civilization have the symbols of _______.
a) fish
b) swastik
c) srivatsa
d) none of the above
42).Evidence of ploughing the land is found from_____.
a) Rangpur
b) Harappa
c) Kalibangan
d) Ropar
43).The Scale found from Harappa is made of________.
a) Ivory
b) Shell
c) Wood
d) Bronze
44).The Ivory scale is found from________.
a) Harappa
b) Mohenjodaro
c) Lothal
d) Kalibangan
45).Harappa is situated on the bank of which river?
a) Sindhu
b) Ghagger
c) Ravi
d) Bias
46).Depth and width of main drain in mohenjodaro is_______.
a) 10’x 5’
b) 12’x 9’
c) 10’x 9’
d) 12’x 10’
47).The animal picturised on most seals is_______.
a) Unicorn
b) Humped bull
c) Zebu
d) Buffalo
48).The city of Mohenjodaro covered an area of _________.
a) 12 sq. km
b) 14 sq. km
c) 7 sq. km
d) 5 sq. km
49).Which of the following statement is corrected?
a) Harappan civilization was rural one
b) Harappan civilization was of iron-age
c) Harappan civilization was calolithic
d) Harappan civilization belonged to stone age
50).Bead-making workshops are found in_______.
a) Lothal and Rangpur
b) Lothal and Chanhudaro
c) Chanhudaro and Harappa
d) Harappa and Kalibangan

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