SSC JE Junior Engineer 2017 previous year analysis for SSC JE 2018 Preparation

SSC JE 2017 previous year analysis for SSC JE 2018 Preparation

SSC Junior Engineer Preparation

Hi Friends, this post is for the aspirants who are preparing for SSC JE 2018. The analysis will be in general and particular on Electrical Engineering. based on the last years weightage on each topic, you can make your preparation more refined.

   General Intelligence & Reasoning:

For most of the aspirants,  this section was scoring. If you daily practice reasoning section for 1hr then you could easily gain marks from this General Intelligence & Reasoning

The weightage of each topic is given below.

Number Series → 6 Qs, Easy to moderate
Statement → 2 Qs, Moderate
Analogy → 3, Easy
Alphabetical Sequence → 2, Moderate
Missing Character → 2, Easy to moderate
Odd one Out → 9, Easy to moderate
Direction & Distance → 2-3, Easy
Paper Folding → 3, Easy
Water Image → 3, Easy
Alpha Numeric Series → 3-4, Easy
Matrix → 1, Easy
Blood Relation → 3, Moderate
Coding Decoding → 2, Moderate
Analogy → 3, Easy
Miscellaneous → 6, Moderate

  General Awareness:

In General Awareness questions are mostly asked from history, economics & geography. From current affairs very less questions were asked.

History → 7 Qs, Moderate to difficult
Geography → 9 Qs, Moderate

Political Science → 8 Qs, Easy to moderate
Economics → 5, Moderate
Biology → 7 Qs, Moderate to difficult
Physics → 4 Qs, Moderate
Chemistry → 4 Qs, Easy to moderate
Computers → 3 Qs, Easy
Miscellaneous → 3 Qs, Moderate

  Electrical Engineering (Technical ):

The technical section required the basic concepts. The questions were not directly & required the subject knowledge in depth.

Basic Concepts → 10 Qs, Moderate, Questions were asked involving all the concept of Networking.
Magnetic Circuit →  10 Qs, Moderate Level Numericals.
AC Fundamental →  9 Qs, Moderate Level Numericals.
Circuit Law & Network Theorem → 10 Qs, Easy Level Numericals.
Electrical Machines → 21 Qs, Mostly numerical were asked.
Basic Electronics → 7 Qs, Questions were based on the working principle of various electronic devices & Circuits.
Generation, Transmission & Distribution → 15 Qs, Easy to Moderate, Theory based Qs.
Utilisation of Electrical Energy → 7 Qs, Easy to Moderate, Application based Qs
Measurement & Measuring Instruments → 9 Qs, Easy, Both Theory + Numerical are asked.

Questions Asked in General Awareness


In emergency time which fundamental right is works? Ans – Constitutional remedies
Bajra is which type of crop? Ans – Kharif
In blood which cells are high? Ans – Llymphocyte

In our solar system there are total 9 planets and they have how many moons? Ans – 83+
Iron man of India? Ans – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Which of the following dances is a solo dance? Ans – Ottan Thullal

Bhutan is still             ?  Ans – Monarchy
Satyen Bose has shown his excellence in            ? Ans – Motion Picture
Prabavathi Gupta is daughter of ? Ans – Chandragupta
Formula for GDP? Ans – nnp-depreciation
China is?  Ans – Fiscasim


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