Important Committees in India|Important Commissions in India

Important Committees in India|Important Commissions in India

Important Committees

A.K Mukherjee Committee

Ans : Netaji’s mysterious disappearance

Ashok Kumar Mathur Commission

Ans : 7th Central pay commission

Asoka Mehta Committee

Ans : Panchyayati Raj

Balwant Rai Mehta Committee

Ans : Panchayati Raj

Banu Pratap Singh Committee 

Ans : Policies and Programmes of Agriculture

Chandra Sekhara Das Commission 

Ans : Reasons for frequent road accidents in Kerala

Dhar Committee

Ans : Formation of provinces on linguistic basis (1948)

Dinesh Goswami Committee 

Ans : Electoral Reforms

Fazal Ali Commission 

Ans : Re-organisation of states on linguistic basis (1953)

G.V. Ramakrishna Committee 

Ans : Disinvestment

Gyan Prakash Committee 

Ans : Sugar Scamp

Hariharan Nair Commission 

Ans : Pullumedu Tragedy (2012)

Harold Gehman Commission 

Ans : Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy (2003)

Hota Commission 

Ans : Review the Examinations of UPSC

Indrajit Gupta Commission 

Ans : State Funding of election

j.A Patil Commission 

Ans : Adarsh Scam  

J.S Verma Commission

Ans : Security lapses that led to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Jain Commission

Ans : Security failures behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Janaki Raman Committee

Ans : Security defamation

Jilani Committee

Ans : Loan System

It. Chandra Sekhara Menon Commission 

Ans : Pampa Hill Tragedy of Sabarimala

Justice A.B. Saharya Commission 

Ans : POTA Review

Justice B.N. Sri Krishna Commission  

Ans : Committee for separate Telangana

Justice B.N Sri Krishna Commission 

Ans : Communal riots in Mumbai  

Justice Jain

Ans : Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi  

Justice K. Venkataswami

Ans : Enquired the Tehelka probe  

Justice K.T. Thomas Commission

Ans : Reforms in the Kerala police force

Justice M.M. Punchhi Commission 

Ans : Centre State relations  

Justice Venkitachallaiah

Ans : Appointed to review the Constitution of India  

K. Sukumaran Commission

Ans : The Idamalayar corruption case in Kerala

K.J. Joseph Committee

Ans : Appointed to find the creamy layer in Kerala

K.K. Narendran Commission

Ans : Appointed to identify creamy layer in Kerala

Kalelkar Commission

Ans : Backward Class Commission

Kapur Commission

Ans : Nadhuram Godse’s Case

Keerthi Parekhar Committee

Ans : Oil Pricing Reforms

Kelkar Committee

Ans : Direct and Indirect Tax

Lakwdawala Commission

Ans : Studied about the percentage of people living Below – Poverty Line(BPL) in India

Leila Seth Commission

Ans : The death of Rajan Pillai in Tihar Jail

Liberhan Commission

Ans : Babri Masjid case

Malhotra Committee

Ans : Insurance Privatisation

Mandal Commission

Ans : Backward Class

Mudgal Committee

Ans : IPL Allegations

N.K. Singh Committee

Ans : Foreign Direct Investment

Nanavati Commission

Ans : Inquires anti Sikh riot of 1984

Nanavati Shan Commission

Ans : Godhra riot

Narasimham Committee 

Ans : Banking sector reforms

Omkar Goswami Committee 

Ans : Industrial Sickness

R.S Sarkaria Committee 

Ans : Centre State Relations

Raja Chelliah Committee 

Ans : Tax Reforms

Rangarajan Committee

Ans : Computerisation of banks

Sachar Commission 

Ans : Social economic and educational conditions of Muslim community in India

Saikia Committee 

Ans : Consider the proposal to make free and compulsory education a fundamental right

Sen Committee 

Ans : Decentralisation of power to  Panchayati Raj Institutions

Shivaraj Patil Committee 

Ans : 2 G Spectrum

Sivarajan Commission 

Ans : Solar scam

Subramanyan Committee 

Ans : The Kargil War

Suresh Tendulkar Committee 

Ans : Estimation of Poverty

Swaminathan Committee 

Ans : Agricultural Reform

U.R. Ananthamurthy Commission

Ans : State School Education Review 

Udayabhanu Commission

Ans : Jail reforms in Kerala 

V.K. Shunglu Commission

Ans : Commonwealth Corruption 

V.P. Mohankumar Commission

Ans : Kalluvathukkal Hooch Tragedy 

Wanchoo Committee 

Ans : Tax enquiry

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