IT and Cyber Law MCQ 1 for University Assistant|25 MCQ IT and Cyber Law Set 1

IT and Cyber Law MCQ 1 for University Assistant|25 MCQ IT and Cyber Law Set 1


1. The full form of ‘PDF”:
(a) Printable Document Formatting
(b) Portable Document Format
(c) Page Document Format (d) Printable Document

2. The full form of IBM:
(a) Indian Business Machines
(b) International Business Machines
(c) International Business Management
(d) None of these

3. Which one of the following is not an input device?
(a) Mouse (b) Keyboard
(c) Barcode reader (d) Monitor

4. The first key on the left hand side of the first row of
(a) Escape (b) Shift
(c) Control (d) Alt

5. The key which is used to move the cursor to the
beginning part of the matter:
(a) Page up (b) Home(c) Alt (d) Enter

6. Which company developed ‘WINDOWS’?
(a) Microsoft (b) Apple
(c) LG (d) HCL

7. The domain name for ‘industries’:
(a) firm (b) int
(c) org (d) net

8. Determining whether an Internet site is a commercial
(.com) or governmental (.gov) site helps determine its…
(a) Accuracy (b) Purpose
(c) Objectivity (d) Expertise

9. One Kilo byte= ….. bytes
(a) 1204 (b) 1024
(c) 1440 (d) 512

10. The first modem was invented by:
(a) Bell Company (b) Microsoft
(c) Apple (d) Lenova

11. The full form of C.D.
(a) Computer Disc (b) Compact Disc
(c) Compact Device (d) Compact Document

12. The oldest devise for calculation:
(a) Calculator (b) Modem
(c) Mouse (d) Abacus

13. The domain name for government institutions:
(a) org (b) gov
(c) com (d) firm

14. The domain name for India:
(a) ind (b) in
(c) id (d) hin

15. The full form of U.P.S.
(a) Uniform Power Supply
(b) Uninterrupted Power Supply
(c) Universal Power Supply
(d) Unidirectional Power Supply

16. What is used for computer communication between
(a) e-mail (b) SMS
(c) Tele mail (d) Phonogram

17. The most common input device now a days:

(a) Joystick (b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse (d) Barcode reader

18. Who discovered ‘Mouse’?
(a) Douglas Engelbart (b) Alen Shugart
(c) Charles Babbage (d) Edison

19. The longest key of the key board:
(a) Enter (b) Shift
(c) Ctrl (d) Space bar

20. In the history of computer, the fifth generation was
started in:
(a) 1980 (b) 1976
(c) 1966 (d) 1956

21. WINDOWS is a:
(a) Opeating system (b) Hardware
(c) Virus (d) None of these

22. Which company developed MS WORD?
(a) Linux (b) Apple
(c) Compac (d) Microsoft

23. Laser Printer was first introduced by:
(a) IBM (b) Samsung
(c) Canon (d) HP

24. All physical equipment and accessories of a system:
(a) Software (b) Hardware
(c) Peripherals (d) Internet

25. A marker used to indicate where the next charecter will
be printed?
(a) Tab (b) Alt
(c) Cursor (d) Indicator


1 (b) 2(b) 3 (d) 4 (a) 5(b) 6(a) 7(a) 8(b) 9(b) 10(a) 11(b) 12(d) 13(b) 14(b) 15(b) 16(a) 17(b) 18(a) 19(d) 20(a) 21(a) 22(d) 23(a) 24(b) 25(c)


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