Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions Set 4

Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions

  1. The official languages of Manipur are Manipuri
    and ……..
    (a) English (b) Bengali
    (c) Tripuri (d) Nishi
  2. Which state is known as the ‘Switzeland of
    the East’?
    (a) Meghalaya (b) Mizoram
    (c) Manipur (d) Tripura
  3. Manipuri language is also known as:
    (a) Meiteilon (b) Lepcha
    (c) Nishi (d) Apatami
  4. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the last natural habitat of the marsh-friendly brow-antlered
    deer. It is also known as:
    (a) Sambar (b) Hoolock
    (c) Sangai (d) None of these
  5. The first state to introduce Oak Tasar Industry:
    (a) Mizoram (b) Meghalaya
    (c) Tripura (d) Manipur
  6. Civil rights activist, political activist, journalist and poet who is known as the ‘Iron lady of
    (a) Irom Sharmila Chanu (b) Arundhathy Roy
    (c) Ruksana Kausar (d) None of these
  1. In which year Manipuri language was included
    in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution:
    (a) 1991 (b) 1992
    (c) 1994 (d) 1995
  2. ‘Scotland of the East’:
    (a) Kohima (b) Shillong
    (c) Aiswal (d) Imphal
  3. Nokrek National Park is in:
    (a) Asom (b) Mizoram
    (c) Meghalaya (d) Nagaland
  4. Khasi and Kukis are the people of:
    (a) Orissa (b) Nagaland
    (c) Tripura (d) Meghalaya
  5. Garo Hills are in:
    (a) Tripura (b) Meghalaya
    (c) Sikkim (d) Asom
  6. The largest religion of Meghalaya:
    (a) Christian (b) Animist
    (c) Hindu (d) Muslim
  7. The largest ethnic group of Meghalaya:
    (a) Khasi (b) Garo
    (c) Bengali (d) Nepali
  8. The only ……. found in India is Hoolock
    (a) Antelope (b) Ape
    (c) Rhinocerus (d) Giraffe
  9. …….. in Meghalaya is the place which receives
    the highest rain fall in India.
    (a) Umroi (b) Shillong
    (c) Mawsynram (d) Mosmai
    1(a) 2(c) 3(a) 4(c) 5(d)6(a) 7(b) 8(b) 9(c) 10(d) 11(b)
    12(a) 13(a) 14(b) 15(c)

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#1. Saponification is associated with the forming of:

#2. Vinegar contains —— percent of acetic acid

#3. Lux is the unit of :

#4. Athlete’s foot is caused by;

#5. the average amount of water in an adult human is ——-

#6. The noble gases are:

#7. What is the percentage of Gold in 18 c gold

#8. A primary alcohol on oxidation gives:

#9. Iodine with starch gives the color:

#10. The vitamin which is not found in vegetables &fruits:

#11. Hair grows about —– mm a day

#12. Who discovered Insulin?

#13. Enegy is stored in the liver and muscles in the form of ….

#14. The only rock that floats on water is….

#15. Bufonophobia is the fear of:

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