Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions set 3

Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions set 3

  1. Argentina is known as the ……..
    (a) Land of Wheat and Cattle
    (b) Land of Snow (c) Junior America
    (d) Land of Maples
  2. The first woman president in the world:
    (a) Golda Meir
    (b) Sirimao Bandaranayake
    (c) Maria Isabel Peron (d) Tancu Chiller
  3. The year of Falkland War:
    (a) 1981 (b) 1982
    (c) 1983 (d) 1984
  4. Which city is known as the ‘Cultural capital
    of South America’?
    (a) Brazilia (b) Santiago
    (c) Buenes Aires (d) Lima
  5. Ernesto Guevara da le Serna is better known as:
    (a) Pele (b) Maradona
    (c) Che Guera (d) Castro
  6. Who liberated Argentina from foreign rule?
    (a) Che Guera (b) Castro
    (c) Abraham Lincoln (d) San Martin
  7. Which city is known as Paris of South
    (a) Buenes Aires (b) Rio de Jeneiro
    A-Izm-≥ Im-Kz
    (c) Lima (d) Brazilia
  8. In which Ocean is Falkland Islands?
    (a) South Atlantic (b) Indian Ocean
    (c) South Pacific (d) Arctic
  9. The capital of Argentina:
    (a) Buenes Aires (b) Bucharest
    (c) Lima (d) Bogota
    10.Which country granted independence to
    (a) Britain (b) Spain
    (c) Portugal (d) Germany
  10. The currency of Argentina:
    (a) Dollar (b) Pound
    (c) Peso (d) Yen
    12.Grass lands of South America:
    (a) Steppes (b) Pampas
    (c) Prairies (d) High Veld
    13.Which is the highest peak in southern
    (a) Kilimanjaro (b) Mauna Kea
    (c) Everest (d) Aconcagua
    14……… strait is situated between Argentina
    and Tierra del Fuego :
    (a) Cook (b) Magallan
    (c) Torres (d) Davis
    15……… in Meghalaya is the place which receives
    the highest rain fall in India.
    (a) Umroi (b) Shillong
    (c) Mawsynram (d) Mosmai
    1(a) 2(c) 3(a) 4(c) 5(d) 6(a) 7(b) 8(b)
    9(c) 10(d) 11(b) 12(a) 13(a) 14(b) 15(c)

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#1. pH of water is..

#2. Which is known as “Blue Planet”?

#3. Pencil is made from

#4. Which part of the brain is mainly affected by alcohol?

#5. Which water is more pure?

#6. The pulmonary circulation in man starts from?

#7. The scientific name of lion?

#8. Red Ribbon club is associated with

#9. Which plant hormone helps in the ripening of fruits?

#10. Which was the first discovered particle of an atom?


#11. When an acid reacts with a metal, which one of the following gas is usually liberated?

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