Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions

Degree Level Kerala PSC Questions Set 2

  1. Name the city built by Alauddin Khilji:
    (a) Agra (b) Rai Pithora
    (c) Jaunpur (d) Siri
  2. Jehangir was buried in:
    (a) Kabul (b) Delhi
    (c) Agra (d) Lahore
  3. The venue of the first conference of the
    Indian National Congress in 1885:
    (a) New Delhi (b) Mumbai
    (c) Chennai (d) Kolkatta
  4. Who was popularly called Rajaji?
    (a) Rajendraprasad
    (b) Rajagopalachari
    (c) Raja Ram Mohun Roy
    (d) Raj Guru
  5. Gandhiji arrived India after his life in South
    Africa in the year:
    (a) 1914 (b) 1915
    (c) 1916 (d) 1917
  6. Whose birth day is observed as
    ‘Sadbhavana Divas’?
    (a) Indira Gandhi (b) Morarji Desai
    (c) Charan Singh (d) Rajiv Gandhi
  7. Who wrote ‘Voice of Conscience’?
    (a) Zakkir Hussain (b) Sanjiva Reddy
    (c) KR Narayanan (d) VV Giri
  8. The retiring age of the judge of Supreme
    Court is _ years:
    (a) 58 (b) 60
    (c) 62 (d) 65
  9. Who decides on the holding of elections to
    (a) Parliament (b) State Government
    (c) Speaker (d) District Collector
  10. The first woman to get Nobel Prize in
    (a) Elinor Ostrom (b) Bertha Von Suttner
    (c) Selma Lagerlof (d) None of these
  11. The first person of Indian origin to get
    Booker Prize:
    (a) Salman Rushdie (b) Arundhathy Roy
    (c) VS Naipaul (d) None of these
  12. The organ of UNO in which all members are
    (a) ICJ (b) General Assembly
    (c) Security Council (d) ECOSOC
  13. The headquarters of Asian Development
    Bank (ADB) :
    (a) Jakarta (b) New Delhi
    (c) Manila (d) Dhaka
  14. Universal Children’s Day:
    (a) November 20 (b) November 14
    (c) January 12 (d) August 12
    Degree Level Previous Questions
    ‘the last of the Victorians’
  15. “Where wealth accumulates, men decay”
    Whose words are these?
    (a) Oliver Goldsmith (b) Churchill
    (c) Adams Smith (d) J S Mill
  16. Father of Indian Cinema:
    (a) Satyajit Ray (b) Pritviraj Kapoor
    (c) Raj Kapoor (d) Dadasaheb Phalke
    17.Srinagar is on the banks of:
    (a) Ravi (b) Beas
    (c) Jhulum (d) Chenab
    18.The city of Palaces:
    (a) New Delhi (b) Mumbai
    (c) Chennai (d) Kolkata
  17. In which continent , the longest mountain
    range above sea level is situated?
    (a) South America (b) North America
    (c) Asia (d) Europe
  18. The only bachelor to become the US
    (a) John Adams (b) George
    Washington (c) James Buchanan
    (d) JF Kennedy
  19. Which is known as ‘the queen of the
    Arabian sea’?
    (a) Alappuzha (b) Kannur
    (c) Kozhikode (d) Kochi
  20. PT Usha Coaching Centre is at:
    (a) Payyoli (b) Koilandy
    (c) Thiruvananthapuram(d) Kozhikode
  21. The second speaker of Kerala Legislative
    (a) AJ John (b) Seethi Sahib
    (c) Alexander Parambithara
    (d) VM Sudheeran
  22. Doordarsha started programmes in
    Malayalam from Thiruvananthapuram in:
    (a) 1982 (b) 1983
    (c) 1984 (d) 1985
  23. The first hydro-electric project in Malabar:
    (a) Vilangad (b) Senkulam
    (c)Kuttyadi (d) None of these
    1(d) 2(d) 3(b) 4(b) 5(b) 6(d) 7(d) 8(d) 9(b) 10(c)11(c)
    12(b) 13(c)14(a) 15(a) 16(d) 17(c)18(d) 19(a)20(c)
    21(d) 22(c) 23(b)24(d)25(c)

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