RRB NTPC Detailed Syllabus|Detailed Syllabus of RRB NTPC

RRB NTPC Detailed Syllabus|Detailed Syllabus of RRB NTPC

Hi friends , In this post I will discuss about the Detailed Syllabus of RRB NTPC. You can download it HERE.

You can watch the detailed video HERE

Exam Pattern

1st Stage Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam pattern

Duration (mins)         90

No. of Questions (each of 1 mark)
GA  ——-40

Mathematics——- 30

Reasoning——- 30
Total No. of Questions      100

1st Stage Computer Based Test CBT 2 Exam pattern

Duration (mins) ………… 90

No of Questions (each of 1 mark)

Mathematics ———-35

Total No. of Questions………..120

Syllabus for RRB NTPC

Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence & General Awareness.

Detailed Syllabus:

  1. Quantitative aptitude

First we can see the topics which are scoring, less time consuming ;

Simplification          4-5 Questions                  BODMAS Rule, Fractions, ApproximateValue,
Surds and Indices etc.

Interest                  1-2 Questions                  Simple, Compound Interests and Installments

Percentage                2-3                                   Calculation of  basic  Percentage Problems

Ratio and Proportion      1-2                          Simple, Compound Ratios and Direct/Indirect
Average                          2-3                          Average Weight/Height/Marks etc.
Problems on Ages          1-2                          Basic Problems on Ages


Next we can see the topics which are  Scoring and  Easy if proper steps are followed carefully but  More time consuming

Speed, Time and Distance            1-2 Problems       Average/Relative speeds, Boats,                                                                                             Trains etc.
Algebra                                              1-2                   Basic Linear Equations in one or
two variables

Profit and Loss                                    2-3 Problems     Profit/Loss, Dishonest/Successive                                                                                           dealings,Partnerships etc.

Number Series                                   2-3                     Completing the series, Finding
Missing/Wrong Term
Mensuration                                       1-2                     Problems on Plane Figures such as
Square, Rectangle, Circles etc.

The rest is the Tricky and time consuming questions;

Time and Work                                   1-2 Problems          Work effciency, Wages and Pipes .
Mixture problems                                 1-2                         Make A Mixture From Two Or
More Entities/Mixtures

General Intelligence & Reasoning syllabus for RRB NTPC

first We can discuss the scoring , easy and less time consuming topics

Classification          0-2            Number, Letter and Meaningful Words based questions.

Analogy                 0-2               Number, GK, Meaning and Letter based  questions.
Series                   1-3                Number & Alphabet series.
Coding Decoding    0-2              Coding and decoding by letter shifting, and Coding Letters                                                    of a Word. also  Coding by Analogy, Coding decoding                                                            based on numbers
Blood Relations           0-2            Family Tree problems.General Blood Relation Problems

Clock and Calendar        0-2         Mostly  on Calendar.
Ordering & Ranking        0-2
Directions &Distances       0-2     Simple problems
Arranging words in Meaningful order       0-2
Word formation                                         0-2 From the given word 􀂦nd whether the given                                                                       option words can be formed or not.

Missing Number           0-2      Find the missing number from the given matrix or diagram.
Venn diagram              0-2        based on Venn Diagram
Puzzle                             0-2      Number based puzzles
Count number of trees in row type questions or Find the correct equation type questions.

Non-Verbal Reasoning
0-3          complete the pattern, Figure based Analogy/Classification/Series or cube
based questions

General Awareness Syllabus RRB NTPC 2019

Environment, Atoms & Molecules, History, Economy

General Science (18-20)

Environment (1-2) Living Organisms(0-1) Life Processes in Organisms & Plants(0-1)
Heredity & Evolution(1-2) Natural Resources(0-1) Atoms And Molecules(1-2)
Chemical Reactions And Equations(1-2) Acids, Bases And Salts(1-2) Metals And Non-Metals(1-2) Periodic Table(2-3) Force And Laws Of Motion(0-1) Work And Energy(0-1)
Sound(0-1) Light(0-1) Electricity(0-1) Sources Of Energy(1-2) Diseases, Reasons And Cures(1-2) Improvement In Food Resources(1-2)

Current Affairs/General Awareness (30-40)

Economics(4-5) Current Affairs(3-4) Geography((3-4) History(3-4) & Polity(4-5) Miscellaneous(4-6) Computer(1-2) Sports(3-5) Literature(1-3) & Books and Authors(2-3) Awards(2-3)

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