What is the Role of an Industries Extension officer? Duties and responsibilities of Industries Extension Officer

What is the Role of an Industries Extension officer? Duties and responsibilities of Industries Extension Officer

Hi friends, in this post I would like to share with you the details of job profile of an IEO. Industries Extension officer.

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Kerala PSC has invited the application of Industries Extension officer in 2018. The last recruitment notification for the same post was in 2010, of which the exam was conducted in 2012 and Ranklist published in 2014.

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Role of an Industries Extension officer

The main role of an Industries Extension Officer is promotion of Industries, mainly MSMEs(Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).

The government will be announcing new schemes for this sector.

An IEO  is  supposed to communicate the same to the MSMEs.

The MSMEs have to go for certain registrations and the Industries department entrusts these IEOs to help them get these registrations and other mandatory clearances done.

Also they also help the MSMEs get Bank Loans for their projects.

Also the execution of projects undertaken by Local Self Government is also the duty  the IEOs of the concerned region.

An IEO will be given a target regarding the number of projects which he is supposed to meet.

It is mainly a Field Work which involves the IEO getting in contact with the MSME units.

After joining the department all IEO’s are supposed to undergo a training for 4.5 months that will be held at Hyderabad and Eranakulam.

This will help to do  well in their  tasks.

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