The Borrowed features of Indian Constitution from 10 Countries |My Notebook

[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]The Borrowed features of Indian Constitution from 10 Countries My Notebook

1. FromGovt. of India Act (1935)

  • Federal Scheme
  • Public service Commission
  • Office of the Governor

2. From U.S Constitution

™Fundamental Rights

™Independence of Judiciary

™Judicial Review

™Impeachment of the President

™Removal of the supreme court & High Curt judges

™Post of Vice Pesident

3. From U.K constitution

™The Parliamentary system

™The law making procedure

™The Citizenship

™Rule of law

™Cabinet system

4. From Irish constitution

™Directive Principles of state policy

™Method of election of the President

™Nomination of members to Rajyasabha

5. From Canadian Constitution

™Federation with a strong centre

™Vesting of residuary powers in the centre

™Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

™Appointment of State Governors by the centre

6. From Australian Constitution

™Concurrent list

™Joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament

™Freedom of Trade and  commerce

7. From Weimer constitution of Germany

™Suspension of fundamental Rights during Emergency

8. From  Soviet Constitution(USSR-Russia)

™Fundamental duties

9. From French constitution

™Ideas of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

10. From  South African constitution

™Procedure for Amendment

™Election of members of Rajyasabha

11. From Japanese constitution

™Procedures established by Law


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