The Borrowed features of Indian Constitution from 10 Countries |My Notebook

[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]The Borrowed features of Indian Constitution from 10 Countries My Notebook 1. FromGovt. of India Act (1935) Federal Scheme Public service Commission Office of the Governor 2. From U.S Constitution ™Fundamental Rights ™Independence of Judiciary ™Judicial Review ™Impeachment of the President ™Removal of the supreme court & High Curt judges ™Post of Vice Pesident … Read more

History MCQ 1

[sg_popup id=”1345″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]1. ______ is the earliest of four Vedas. a) Rig Veda b) Yajur Veda c) Sam Veda d) Athervana Veda 2. The oldest Brahmanic literature is_____. a) Aranyak b) Upanishad c) Smriti d) Veda 3. Which of the following pair is matching one? a) Taranath – Mahavamsh b) Fa-hein – Rehla c) Alberuni … Read more

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