4 effective steps to overcome laziness|How to overcome laziness while studying

How to overcome laziness while studying and get a Govt job

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Hi friends, today I would like to discuss with you 4 effective steps to overcome laziness while studying. I got these ideas from a lot of research in the internet, motivational books etc. I have already made a video regarding this. 

What usually happens is that, a notification for a job post comes, we apply for it and start planning for the preparation. we got the syllabus, got the materials, prepared a time table and all set to study. But, … after going through some topics or just after we started preparation, there comes a serious issue. The initial excitement and energy goes down and laziness started covering most of us. What to do to overcome laziness during the study?

Before starting the steps to overcome laziness, I want to discuss with you the reasons behind the laziness. In my opinion, these can be Exam fear, lack of preparation, a Huge no. of applicants, and less time for preparation.

Consider this point. When we start preparation, we have a feeling that we don’t know much compared to an aspirant who has already prepared well for the exam. And you think that you cannot crack this exam.

The huge number of applicants can be another reason for exam fear. Even for a post having less number of vacancies, the number of applicants are very huge. Among them, approximately 80 % may be going for coaching. In that 80 % people, 50 % have been preparing for 5 years and more. These thoughts make us feel tensed even to start the preparation.

Another point is , we think there is very less time left for preparation. And thinking like this, we don’t even start the preparation. We need to realize that, if we don’t start now itself, the available time is reducing and we will be out of time. So, start now itself.

So, here I suggest 4 effective steps to overcome laziness while studying.

4 effective steps to overcome laziness

Step 1: Do it Now

Suppose we are all set to study. Then comes a notification in our Whatsapp or Facebook or any social media, or we get a call from a friend. What will happen then? We got distracted from our plan to study and go with whatever come along our way.

My suggestion is that we need to avoid all these distractions when we start studying. Believe me, nothing is more important than studying at that point of time. Everything else ( unless an emergency) can wait. Switch off your phone, be in a closed room or find a place where you have no distractions.

So, the first step is “ DO IT NOW“. If you are about to do anything, just do it now. Never postpone it. If you are short of time, just begin it for the time being. The thing which is not started have more of a tendency to not start at all. Procrastination is a very dangerous thing to do.

Step 2.    Two minute’s mantra

The most difficult part of doing something is how to begin it. We all are facing this so-called ” starting trouble”. Even in studying.

There is ” Mantra”   🙂 for the kick start of anything. I will explain in detail.

Suppose we are ready to study now. Think like we have only 2 minutes available for studying. Each of us need to tell ourselves that, ‘ I have only 2 minutes left, and I will focus completely, give my 100 % attention to what I am going to do now’. And, no wonder, we will begin our preparation.

And, as soon as we have started and engaged in the topic, we will forget about the 2 minutes thing. We might have been already crossed the two minutes and may be studied for few more minutes without break.

All my dear friends, you can apply this technique and start your preparation. You can also apply this if you feel bored and stuck again in between your study. Take the ‘ 2 minutes mantra ‘ again and continue. No matter, how many times you have used this ‘ 2 minutes mantra, you will really get to know the good results 🙂

Step 3.  Positive Attitude

The placebo effect

It is scientific fact that our mindset plays a very important role in our thoughts, in our deeds, in our emotions, and even our senses.

Suppose you are very sick, and a Dr. gives you the respective medicine. If you don’t trust his treatment, or trust his credibility the medicine may not affect well on you. On the contrary, if you believe so much in his abilities and the effectiveness of his treatment, the effect of the same medicine will be magically different. This is called the ” Placebo effect”

Likewise, your attitude is very important in the effectiveness of your preparation. If you think like, you cannot cover the whole syllabus, you cannot crack this exam, then believe me ” You cannot”. But, if your attitude is a positive one, there is nothing that you cannot do. So, it is very important to have a positive attitude toward everything. Make it a habit, and not only in studies. The effect is magical…

Step 4:  Chain Effect

Suppose you have started preparing for an exam. You have made a good timetable and followed it for 3 days continuously. then suppose that you skipped your preparation on the fourth day. Then what really happens is that the chain is getting broken. The chain here is the continuity of preparation.

We need to be consistent in preparing for any exams. Even If we have some unavoidable things on a day, you have to make sure that you at least do something for your preparation.

If you are travelling, you can get some screenshots or photos of some topics and study. Or you can use the internet if possible. Or you can revise in mind whatever you studied before. The only thing is that you need to do something related to your preparation, everyday. Not a single day can be spare.

The chain effect is having a very much visible result.

You can watch my video on this topic  by clicking here


To overcome laziness during study, you need to follow these steps.

  • if you are about to do some thing “Do it Now”
  • apply 2 Minutes mantra
  • Always keep a Positive attitude
  • Keep the continuity of what you are doing

To all my friends, I want to you to note a famous quote in the book ” The Monk who Sold his Ferrari”, by Robin Sharma. It says like ” Success is the marriage of preparation with opportunity”

So friends, if you are prepared well , you can make use of the opportunity. There is no use of a very good opportunity if you are not prepared at that point of time.

All the Best for your preparations.

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