Tricks to Remember Kharif Rabi Zaid Crops |Food crops in India Tricks

Tricks to Remember Kharif Rabi Zaid Crops |Food crops in India Tricks

In this post, the Important Food crops of India is given. Kharif, Rabi and Zaid. Tricks to remember Kharif, Rabi Zaid crps also given for students.

Food Crops in India

Kharif (June-Nov)

Kharif Crops

•Monsoon crops
•Sow-Rainy season
•Harvest-End of Rainy season
•Rice, Maize,millets,andCotton

Rabi Crops

•Winter season
•Sow-during winter
•Harvest –End of winter
•Wheat , barley, mustard

Zaid Crops

•Between March and June
•Between Rabi & Kaharif
•Watermelon, muskmelon,bittergourd,pumpkin,cucumber

Memory Code

To Understand this code, Please watch the Video Below.


Food Crops Trick to Remember

Kharif Crops-BJP GST CM’S R M

•G-Ground nut
•S-Sugar cane
•S–Soya bean

GST on July 1st–rainy season ( Kharif )
•Kharif –Kerchief-Cotton

Rabi Crops –Rabi GOTPriceWB.COM


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